Artworks in order: Tobias Klein- 不自然解剖學// Samuel Adam SWOPE- 撻 撻 撻 撻 撻 // 王郁洋- 線// 黄可- 擊鼓傳花// 伍韶勁- 銀河鐵路//  鄭波- 蕨戀//葉旭耀- Clouds Fall//張瀚謙- 碳境   Just as I have mentioned before – “whether you like it or not, it’s all about Asia now.” The amount of growth we see in the new media art scene … Continued

Featured chairs in order: FÅTÖLJER, 4 pcs, plastic, “Skopan“, Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen and Torben Lind, Denmark, designed for IKEA 1974// Tellus chairs, later half of the 20th century// “Åke” Armchair, Agunnaryd for IKEA, 1950s// ”Oti” Niels Gammelgaard for Ikea// Tord Björklund., pair of “Skye”, 20th century// “Impala” Armchairs, Gillis Lundgren for IKEA, 1972// “Amiral” Armchair, designed by Karin Mobring, IKEA, 1970s … Continued

Not only are art galleries getting busy for art month right now – lifestyle and creative brands are also getting involved in the occasion. Case in point would be Joyce Boutique‘s special exhibition with Henzel Studio. This studio collaborates directly with contemporary artists to recreate their artworks into limited edition products, such as the series … Continued

I had a brief conversation with an art curator in Hong Kong, and while I was still complaining how the Hong Kong government doesn’t seem to be supporting young emerging creatives enough – he answered otherwise. He highlighted an interesting point – which is that the problems we see here in Hong Kong are, if … Continued

Have you ever tried to deliberately close your eyes and let the other person who’s holding your hand lead the way? Even though the experience can be quite scary – you do start to realize the often neglected sensations starting to kick in. May it be the noise from the traffic lights; the breeze that … Continued

Inspired by “pop culture, music, folk art, and their vivid inner worlds”; Brazilian twin duo Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo from OSGEMEOS will be presenting their first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, ‘Déjà Vu’, at Lehmann Maupin. The internationally recognized brothers not only creates vibrant paintings with their “signature yellow characters, thin dark red outlining, and intricately patterned … Continued