The pandemic has not only forced people to change their way of living, but it has also made us realize that no matter how globalized we are, there are cultural differences in the way people come to terms with a pandemic like Covid-19. While people in Asia leaped to the usage of face masks, people … Continued

We kid you not, but some of these took us a minute to realize they aren’t real flowers. “I want to introduce the beading techniques and savoir-faire behind the process to a larger audience and turn what is commonly seen as a simple practice into something of a greater magnitude and nobility”. – Helena Thulin … Continued

This year’s celebration with your beloved parents may be different, but as always, it is about staying connected. Our selection of gifts this year comes from around the globe, including Rimowa from Germany, Tamarisk Jewellery who creates reclaimed vintage China jewellery in England, Tar Gallery by Phannapast Taychamaythakool from Thailand, Mao-tun Leather producing handmade leather goods from Turkey, and Il Bisonte from Florence, Italy. Enjoy and show … Continued

Simple, funny, bold, and expressive, no wonder the works by Justė Urbonavičiūtė aka Kissi Ussuki has caught the eyes of Izumi Ogino, Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA. Active in creative processes including photography and art direction on top of her illustrations, the Vilnius, Lithuania-based self-taught illustrator is covered by various media before. Interestingly, all coverages mentioned her love for the … Continued

We were fascinated by her pins four years ago, and now, four laters later, we are still fascinated by her pins (and their new home goods collection). After all these years, Coucou Suzette remains to be one of our favorite brands. Juliette founded the brand in 2013 from a joke. She created a boob shaped ring design … Continued

A successful idea can last a lifetime. And with Erwin Wurm, it is his One Minute Sculptures. Having made his name with them since the 1990s, the ongoing distorted, reinvented, relevant, and playful photographed performances are now exhibited at One Minute in Taipei, as “a survey of twenty years of practice, presenting a body of … Continued

For those of you who know, stuvvz has just been back online, so we’re actively seeing who’s been looking at our social media, hoping to understand who our current audiences are. And to our pleasant surprise, Heralbony is one of them.  Their IG bio says “知的障害。その、ひとくくりの言葉の中にも、無数の個性がある。“普通”じゃない、ということ。それは同時に、可能性だと思う。異彩を、放て。” There is also a roughly translated line in English, but I … Continued

I came across his work on Instagram and was immediately attracted to it. It was not until I decided to write this article did I find out the even more interesting story behind. “The idea actually began as a joke between my wife (who loves to shop at thrift stores) and I, but it quickly … Continued

Having just launched last week, Art Central 2020 is now online! Brought to life in hands with Artsy, the platform houses a large digital catalog where numerous works represented by countless galleries are displayed. Visitors get to browse through different categories such as medium (painting, works on paper, photography, sculpture, and more) within the fair, … Continued