Hong Kong has always been known as a relatively conservative country due to its Chinese roots. However, through the years, more and more people have begun subscribing to a more liberal way of life. While this can be exemplified in many different ways, there is no better example than the booming sex toy market in … Continued

I think the art world has best responded to all of the things 2020 has decided to throw at us. Social distancing and work from home? Art galleries and organizations tackled that with virtual exhibitions and workshops. New rising movements that give voice to those who may have struggled to speak up? Artists responded to that with new artworks and interpretations. … Continued

Some artists see their creative process as a record of a moment, while others see it as the birth of a whole new world. Whichever it is, a successful piece of artwork should transcend the audience, providing one with a new perspective on every day or a surreal experience that takes one out of this world.  Following … Continued

You can’t really replicate the experience of going inside an art gallery. The physical experience of going up the stairs, locking our bags in the visitor locker, and going through the entrance is like traveling to another world. Everything about the smell, the sight, and the rhythm of our footsteps feel transcendental. But while we … Continued

Here’s to the last month of 2020. Treasure the time with your loved ones, no matter face-to-face or via video calls. Send gifts and show your appreciation. Pamper yourself a bit. You’ve done well pulling through this year.