Instead of treating a finished collection as the ending point of a seasonal project, PORTS 1961’s Artistic Director, Karl Templer, has made it into the starting point for ten artists, inviting them to reinterpret the FW 2020 collection in their signature style. Creating a handful of interesting illustrations that expresses a personal narrative, hints of the brand comes through in their various dynamic compositions. See how these artists have given a twist to the brand’s signature pleated skirts, silk pieces, and handbags above.

The 10 artists include La Fille Bertha, based between Cagliari and Milan, Italy | Genie Espinosa, based in Barcelona, Spain | Carol Rollo, Used to live in New York and now in Italy | Sante Visioni, based in Tokyo | Fabrizio Talia, based in Milan, Italy | Skyler Simpson, based in Salt Lake City, USA | Marco Meloni, based in Milan, Italy | Alex Petrowski, based in Brooklyn, USA |  Nicolò Tromben, based in Vicenza, Italy | Giulia Lineette, based in Milan, Italy