March has been a slow month, filled with gloomy rain and stuffy temperatures. As I write this two days before we kick into the new month, the sun begins shining outside, and I am sweating as I have never before. Though I’m far away from where I’d like to be (a beach on the island … Continued

Welcoming to their collection, M+ crowns their donation from Hallam Chow, which features a total of 25 pieces of contemporary Asian art from 2016 until now. As the grandson of Edward T. Chow (1910-1980), a collector of antiques in post-war Hong Kong, Hallam Chow focuses on supporting Asian art and educational initiatives to promote cultural … Continued

This artist’s story is close to my heart. Apart from the both of us being Canadians, I was also in the journalism/ media industry and was also “forced to find another way to exercise creativity as outlets were limited. Though I went through that transition in Hong Kong and ended up starting this art and … Continued

For those of us who celebrate and have public holidays for Lunar New Year, March is like another January – it’s like an extra month for us to reboot our goals for the year. For me, I have just kickstarted a new daily habit – waking up at 7 am and start the day off … Continued

My ex-colleague is fascinated by the craftsmanship and the heritage behind letterpress, though it is a printing method rarely seen in Hong Kong. Now, I always recall his excitement when I see the tiny individual blocks of ‘moveable type’ involved in the letterpress process. The tactile experience created by the transfer of ink and impression … Continued

Every country struggles with homelessness and poverty, and even more so now with the Coronavirus. There are 678,000 homeless people alone in Germany, not to mention thousands of families and refugees struggling to survive. Kunst Hilft geben is intending to raise 1.3 billion euros and set up 1,500 social lighthouse projects to aid those who are … Continued