With limitations comes creativity. Under the COVID situation, Hong Kong art students continue to thrive and present unprecedented ideas that are shaped by our current era. The 16th Fresh Trend 2020 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition has just ended. The exhibition featured ten nominated students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong … Continued

My social media newsfeed has been bombarded with Emily in Paris in the past week. Though I enjoy high fashion, I’m not a fan of Emily’s outfits. I prefer one statement-making item in a total look instead of having too much going on. And the one item I usually go for is either a signature … Continued

We’re finally seeing some sunshine here in Hong Kong, after the ridiculous weeks of rain. But then again, it is the monsoon season here. It’s still rather humid and quite hot, but the shops are already stocking up on thicker layers. While a lot of people would fill their closets with black and white, neutrals … Continued

Surprisingly, what had first caught my eyes were the textures. It was the thickness of the cutout pieces, the brush marks left behind on the paint, and the dots and faint words showing through. I was not in a rush to make out the composition, usually what I’d do with collages. What had caught my … Continued

Cai Guo-Qiang is no strange name to those who admire largescale, site-specific art. Known for his range of unique firework installations, particularly with his direction for the opening and closing ceremony at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Cai will be working with Hennessy this September for the 15-minute piece, “A World Odyssey”. More than just … Continued

Tied down by emotions, restricted by reality, art is often the best escape for people to release and reassess their current state of mind. The series “FIGHT OR FLIGHT” by local artist Kay Wong is a beautiful collection that speaks directly to the idea. Framing and tying items she has collected during her trip to … Continued

Most people probably don’t include the transit experience as a part of their traveling memories. I, on the other hand, have had lots of unforgettable moments in airports. This includes sprinting in the Bangkok airport trying to catch my next flight, spending hours in the Singapore airport exploring their cinema and sunflower garden, and not … Continued

I love staying in. But staying in for me doesn’t just encompass its literal meaning. For me to have a fabulous weekend “staying in”, I need the right food, the right mood, the right music, and the right itinerary. I need to know what I have planned to do for the day, and be comforted … Continued