If you have read last month’s selection, you would know how I have been feeling. We’re already more than halfway through 2020 and things are still as is, so I guess the only thing left to do is to try and feel fine. I’ve realized that vibrant colors are giving me a positive boost. Check … Continued

The last thing one would expect at the world’s busiest station is a resting area. As the heartbeat of Japan, Shinjuku East Square now welcomes frequent travelers with a community art park that allows one to truly take a breather. Created by Japanese artist Tomokazu Matsuyama in collaboration with East Japan Railway Company (JR), the … Continued

Do you ever spare the time to stop and read signs anymore? Though contemporary signs are quite uniform and do not reveal much of a story, historical signages are doors into different histories. Upon decommissioning in 2006, a collection of historical signages has been left intact in the Declared Monuments. These signs have served different … Continued

Ever since there has been trading in the history of mankind, different cultures have inevitably been interwoven together. Even though one can argue it wasn’t until the internet has been commercialized have we truly experienced globalization, the point is that whether in the East or the West, we all undoubtedly share common experiences. Now that … Continued

I have to admit I’ve been feeling quite dead inside. A simple glimpse of sun rays shining through is enough to uplift my quarantine mood. Here are some objects that can make my soul feel closer to being alive again. Ecofriendly collections “I Am A Plastic Bag” by Anya Hindmarch and Palladium is perfect for bringing a smile … Continued

Abstract objects are interconnected by joints, which sprawls like a stretched limb. The integrated web of handrails, bowling pins, and more infiltrates and interacts with the occupied architecture, as though the two are negotiating for their share of the space. While outside, you see and hear a conglomerate of pieces of equipment and their sounds, … Continued

84000 : Translating the Words of the Buddha Although I am not religious myself, I very much enjoy reading religious stories. I am fascinated by tales such as the Ramayana and teachings of the Buddha, but these wisdom-packed stories are complex to understand, even if I can read the language or the translated versions. Imagine, therefore, how … Continued