Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy? by Zheng Bo

I would be lying if I say it wasn’t the dilemma in the title that has caught my attention. Life is indeed hard, but how were we making it easy?

This exhibition by Zheng Bo is inspired by Jon Jandai’s TED talk, “Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?”. In the initial talk, Jandai talks about how human beings are living life easier through exploiting nature. Bo is building on this very concept with his exhibition, aiming to encourage people to reflect on the need to live in harmony with other species.

Presented in hands with JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power, Bo has created a series of botanical slogans with a selection of local orchid species, now installed at The Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden. Working in hands with resident ecologist Dr. Stephan Gale, there will also be orchid conservation information displays at the Art House of KFBG

“The installation will be displayed in mid-air, the audience will have to look up to reconstruct the whole slogan. I hope by discovering this text, made of living plants, viewers will reflect on how lives are all created equal and how urgent is the crisis we are facing now.”

– Zheng Bo

As a resident on Lantau Island, Bo has always been an artist, researcher, and teacher actively engaged in social and ecological topics. His art is committed to spreading the importance of biodiversity, whereby he has created weedy gardens, living slogans, and eco-queer films to “revisit the past and envisage the future through the eyes of the marginalized communities and plants”.

The exhibition allows the audience to emerge themselves within the forest and learn more about the flora conservation work at KFBG. As KFBG continues to conduct different kinds of conservation research, publish academic literature and reviews, organize exhibitions and comprehensive education courses on ecology and culture, let us take this art installation as an opportunity to reflect on our relationships with nature.

Bo Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy?

Exhibition Date: Opens Now (2021.2.22) to 2021.4.25 (Sun)
(In light of the latest COVID-19 situation, the exhibition date is subject to change. All visitors should follow the health precautions set by the venue; please check the latest updates on the exhibition webpage before visiting.)
Venue: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Walter Kerr Gardens and Art House
Valid KFBG admission ticket is required. Please visit KFBG website for detailed admission fees.

Guided Tour
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Fee: Free admission
Duration: Around 40 minutes

Online Video: Artist Talk – Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy?
Speaker: Zheng Bo (Artist)
Dr. Stephan W. Gale (Senior Ecologist (Flora Conservation) of Kadoorie Farm  and  Botanic Garden)
Human Ip (Writer of In Search of Flowers)
Language: English (with Chinese subtitle)
Available on JCNAP Youtube channel:

Online Video: Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy? 360-degree video
Available on JCNAP Youtube channel

Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy? by Zheng Bo
Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy? by Zheng Bo
Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy? by Zheng Bo
Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy? by Zheng Bo