Lee Kit

It was precisely the text in the top image which has got me writing this article. I know nothing about the artist, and I was ready to delete the email at any minute, but when I read that text and I stopped, because I felt something – literally that “something you can’t leave behind”.

Born in Hong Kong and now lives in Taipei, Taiwan, Lee Kit is a multimedia artist who is involved in projections, drawings, paintings, videos as well as installation art. Needless to say, there is a strong sense of “intimacy and poetry through the artist’s close yet reserved exploration of human behavior that voices universal feelings whilst stressing on particular experiences, moments and traces of everyday life” in his works.

Speaking directly to the viewer, this exhibition looks into what we all can’t leave behind in our life, and it could be anything. Without pointing an actual finger at a particular something, Lee Kit has transpired this sense into his “projections that interact with works on paper, cardboard, and plywood, created specifically for this exhibition, which reinterpret and challenge Lee Kit’s background as a traditional painter.”

Encompassing the gallery space as a site-specific piece, the experience of being in the same room as the projector, seeing the darkened areas and the light shifting definitely “craft a narrative that… inserts the viewer into a humbling limbo caught in between empathy and apathy, a quiet and repetitive sense of nostalgia that asks us to reflect on our relationship with our homeland.”

3d Floor Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central
May 19th – July 8th, 2017
Tuesday to Saturday
10:30am – 7.00pm

Lee Kit