My ex-colleague is fascinated by the craftsmanship and the heritage behind letterpress, though it is a printing method rarely seen in Hong Kong. Now, I always recall his excitement when I see the tiny individual blocks of ‘moveable type’ involved in the letterpress process. The tactile experience created by the transfer of ink and impression … Continued

Every country struggles with homelessness and poverty, and even more so now with the Coronavirus. There are 678,000 homeless people alone in Germany, not to mention thousands of families and refugees struggling to survive. Kunst Hilft geben is intending to raise 1.3 billion euros and set up 1,500 social lighthouse projects to aid those who are … Continued

Around the world, people were finding peace during their moments of lockdown in 2020. Many were accompanied by plants, some started taking courses online, and others cooked for the first time. Well, this artist in London created small worlds during her lockdown. Phyllida Barlow has been creating sculptures and large-scale installations with readily available materials … Continued

Started as an anti-fashion movement in post-war Finland, Marimekko is now one of the most recognized printmaking design houses in the world. Fascinating us with bold prints and colors, Marimekko means “Mari’s dress”, a statement for confident women to express themselves with the brand’s vibrant patterns. Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, the brand will … Continued

Such strange and sensual forms, literally breathed in with life by the artist, hangs like memoirs of random moments that are now given with new importance in the passing of our time. Created with vinyl glue and manipulated with fans and his own breath, the works by Osaka-born, Paris-based artist Takesada Matsutani are now presented … Continued