“We share the stories of those who create with passion.”

Founded in 2013 as a platform for our founder to write about her interests and findings under the categories of Daily Essential, Style and Clothing, Nails and Hairstyle, and Art and Culture; stuvvz.com grew into becoming a number-1 ranking Hong Kong-based online fashion magazine.

about usRun by a small team of young adults who also works full time under different positions in the media sector, stuvvz has been persistently creating articles to be shared online, and have ambitiously published a bilingual print magazine in 2015, entitled stuvvz issue I- The Global Issue.

After successfully releasing the 150-page magazine, the team started to realize that in-depth stories are what we enjoy writing the most, and have thus restructured the site to become a story-focused website, mainly covering topics related to art and culture in 2017.

Apart from our print, we also have our own production unit, which help brands and other passionate individuals host events, craft press releases, coordinate performances, direct shoots, and more.

About our founder

Joyce-Tsang-stuvvz.com-hong-kong-media-lifestyle-blogAs a Visual Art BA graduate from UBC, Fresh grad life was a mess. My interests pointed me towards different paths, all of which I wanted to have a stake in, but was never chosen to pursue because I was simply “not elite in that specific area”.

Yet, the varied passions that I have quickly sprung to me as my asset, My experiences in art, dance, and writing combined became my own unique expertise.

stuVVz.*= is actually a synonym of “stuffs”, which is exactly what I have obtained throughout my entire life, and the things which I base my identity from. Therefore, this platform not only aims to express the thing that captivates my eyes, but also to connect those who feel the same.

Treat stuVVz.*= as an online book material that transpires knowledge to and from the global community. It might just start off as the definition of me; but may it work its way into creating a culture that also helps define you.

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