Chan Ka Kiu

I am also guilty of taking photos of my food before I eat, but I am a criminal when it comes to laughing at people doing food selfies at restaurants. I always wonder how many likes these people are getting with a photo of their face against a plate of spaghetti.

But what can we say? This inflated sense of self-admiration is the byproduct of our digital culture’s favoritism for user-generated content. And while this kind of content is earning some people a fortune, the following artist has created a fun, artistic prank with the idea.

Local Hong Kong emerging artist, Chan Ka Kiu presents her immersive show – It’s Always You at K11 Art Mall. Instead of using the glass window as a window display to her exhibition, she has covered it with a one-way mirror layer so that those who are inside would mistake it as a mirror, while everyone outside would see what is happening inside.

Filled with reflections and neon signs, Chan has deliberately set up the space to encourage selfies, making visitors engage in a performance art piece without realizing it. This switch of private versus public, seeing versus being seen, and performer versus audience cleverly mocks our inflated sense of self in the current era.


About It’s Always You
Date: 12 December 2020 – 15 February 2021
Time: Open every day from 11am – 9:30pm
Venue: K11 Design Store, 3F, K11 Art Mall

Chan Ka Kiu
Chan Ka Kiu