A throwback to the vintage style, Wing Chan’s one-of-a-kind traditional mailbox jewellery designs are the perfect ode to Hong Kong, the city which we call home.

The following article and images are courtesy to Obellery at www.obellery.com.

Taking inspiration from local culture, Wing Chan captures moments in time with his works. Born and raised in Hong Kong, the designer wishes to preserve the collective memories of his hometown. By translating his intent into wearable designs, people who share his values will find his work exceptionally endearing. Having undergone rebranding in early 2017, his Wing Chan Studio represents the designer’s own cultural heritage expressed in the form of metal craft.

Wing Chan’s most iconic work is a miniature Hong Kong traditional mailbox. These mailboxes were once a common household item, but nowadays face diminishment today as old architectures are being torn down and replaced with high-rise apartment buildings. Sooner or later, the new generation of local residents will no longer recognize these artifacts despite the fact that they are so deeply rooted in their own culture. The mailbox necklaces Wing Chan create is his very own way of paying homage to the city he calls home.