hei di

The mundane use to be defined as the dullness and monotonous of the everyday life. Lately, however, the term has become an inspiration for designs, artworks, and local culture. I see this as a pleasant ripple that the digital world has brought upon, as more and more of us are seeing past the convenience of technology and are resorting back to physical life, where the irreplaceable experience of the tactile world is being highlighted again.

Where millennials may remember their childhood on screens; we remember our childhood in wet markets, followed by the scrumptious smelling smoke that came out of the kitchen from the fiery wok, and the times when we kept our hands on our bowls and our eyes on each other at the table. This kind of nostalgia has yet been lost, but it is now not so common, to the extent that the tools we have used are seen as a sort of collectible that records our past daily life.

Started by Pang in 2016, hei di (black field) is a store specialized in such products. He has a strong love for home ware and he loves the neighbourhood of Shek Kip Mei, the place where he grew up in. After being a graphic designer at a magazine, he decided to open this store, where he sells local grocery tools such as rooster bowls, bean curd scoops, dust racket, cutlery from leung tim choppers factory, plastics from red a, bowls and dishes by yuet tung china works, and camel vacuum flasks.

From now until the 31st of May, rediscover the traditional life of Hong Kong through his selection of inexpensive, yet such valuable locally-made goods at his pop-up store in kapok, PMQ.

kapok crafted in HK: G/f, HG 10-12. PMQ, 35 Aberdeen street, Central


hei di