Explore the metamorphosis of metal jewellery with Nicole Walger’s striking pieces, as she yields a splendid intermingling of tradition and aesthetic.

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Nicole Walger

Nicole Walger is a German jeweller. Her work is the embodiment of traditional craftsmanship and technical excellence.

With a simple yet sophisticated design style, Nicole creates her pieces by altering the shape and form of metal. The focus is not on filing, but on techniques like punching, splitting or expanding, the kind of techniques that started out in wrought iron work. By working with precious metals, these “old” techniques are used in a new context. The jewellery arises exclusively from the process of changing shape, and after that, no further processing takes place.

The natural forming of metal, the use of non-cutting forming techniques punching, splitting and stretching lends each item of jewellery its own characteristic form. It is also the acknowledgement of the initial form that makes this jewellery so interesting. It lives from its origins. The use of pure metals and the natural growth process in the forming procedure make each piece a unique gem in its own right.


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