Handcrafted and radiating a slow, simple, and nonchalant vibe – meet MANO, a contemporary forerunner in clean-cut craftsmanship.

The following article and images are courtesy to Obellery at www.obellery.com.


MANO (MànMàn) is a curatorial team established in 2010 by Min-Ling Hsieh and Yu-Chun Chen from Taiwan who are also enthusiastic jewellery makers themselves.

‘Mano’ meaning hand in Italian, sheds light on the fact that all of their works are hand-crafted, allowing each piece to be unique in their own way; ‘Màn’ also means slow in Chinese. Combined, MANO represents a nonchalant lifestyle and an appreciation for craftsmanship.

MANO’s designs emphasize simplicity and natural beauty. The series of earrings are substantial, yet subtle; the designers uses clean, fluid forms to accentuate the elegance of pearls.


Website: http://www.obellery.com/mano/