I have never felt how immensely important art is to me until this year. Even when I was not confined in a physical space, I find myself struggling to step out of a mentally-created box. This boundary, of which I believe a lot of us have set for ourselves, is a way to remain sane amidst all of the chaos. By staying within this box, it feels as though we still have a bit of control over our lives. However, this sort of obedience restrains our emotions, and in order to keep a good balance, art becomes the most effective and powerful way of letting loose.

Inspired by the negatives (-ve) caused by the pandemic, Hong Kong-based art platform Art Next Expo is hoping to seek out the positives (+ve), and allow new perspectives to bloom during this time when the world is at a halt. Sixty pieces of Hong Kong artist produced works will be on display, recording this moment in history through the eyes of our local artists.

Yiu Chi Leung – Cave | Tamera Bedford – Once I was You (Love in the time of COVID 19)| Tam Man – Whoever watches JFFT in quarantine has eternal life | So Tsz Ling Bennata – 一點光 art Lingnan | Shermaine Kwan – 心平則靜 | Li Ka Yue – 悲しみのない自由な空へ | Kurt Chan – That red tree | KC Wong – Feng Shui Emoji – Hexagram 10 | Kasper Forest, TheGhostCity – The Beginning of after life | Hiromi Fujiwara – Stay Home | Emily Law – Coexistence 19 | Edy Fung – Exponential Everything | Cheung Chin Hang – Virus Ball | Cheng Man Ling – Chinese Sunflower Mirror | Chao Harn Kae – Move on | Wai Bong Clement Chan – Dream City | Chan Suk On – I like alcohol | Aries Wu – 杯中百合| Abby Lee Yan Yee – Study of Spaces and System VI, 2020

Art Next Expo presents +ve/-ve Exhibition
July 31st to August 31st, 2020
2/F, SML Building, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
You can also enjoy the exhibition online at https://www.artnextexpo.com/