Aldo Mondino

If we had to name one artist who is groundbreaking in the usage of mediums in the Italian world of postmodern art – Aldo Mondino should come to mind. Having created sculptures with chocolate, “paintings on sheets of linoleum, mosaics of marshmallows, carpets of coffee and seeds, and chandeliers of biros, as well as sculptures in bronze, ceramic, wood and glass”, his investigation on different art forms, namely sculpture and performance, have proven him to be a highly interesting individual. He who went ahead to experiment with ways to appropriate styles and formal qualities have created artworks which encompass qualities from “both the historical avant-garde (Surrealism and Dadaism) and works produced by his contemporaries”, delivering a unique sense of “cultural and creative nomadism”.

Focusing particularly on his paintings on linoleum, Rossi & Rossi, in hands with Giovanni Martinoto show European art in Asia, will be presenting a Mondino-dedicated exhibition from the 7th of April to the 26th of May here in Hong Kong. Considered as one of his strongest innovations, the irregular patterns and colours created on linoleum transform a common portraiture into something unpredictable.

Mondino is also an avid traveller, with his quest from Morocco to Palestine being his strongest inspiration. He was particularly attracted to his sightings of prayers during the trip, which has resulted in Gnawa (1997) – a painting of a mystical brotherhood formed from Islam and animist cults practising black magic with their dance ritual. The evoking painting expresses Mondino’s “capacity to put human relationships at the centre of his discovery of otherness”, which makes the already rhythmic painting all the more interesting. Mondino also did a range of portraits which pay tribute to other artists, philosophers and writers that he is obsessed with, which will also be featured in this exhibition.


7 April–26 May 2018
Rossi & Rossi Hong Kong
6 Yip Fat Street, 3/F Yally Industrial Building, Wong Chuk Hang

Aldo Mondino Aldo Mondino Aldo Mondino