In our recent trip to Paris, we got to walk around the lesser known parts of the city, in search for great street art. We found ourselves mesmerized on the streets of La Butte aux Cailles, and Rue Dénoyez – Belleville Street Art. Not to mention, we also got to see the original works by … Continued

Globalization affect every parts of the world, making it difficult for tourists to see local designs in big cities unless they are deliberated being showcased. As a very mature and modern country, Singapore offers a lot of shopping arcades, but like mentioned, it was very hard for us to find stores that we can not … Continued

Sretsis It was a rather abnormal visit to start off with anyways. I was at Central Embassy, Bangkok on a normal working tuesday, when usually I would be sitting obediently in the Hong Kong office typing away. I was with a bunch of others who were also invited by Zalora. With a good handful of us still yet to be fully awake, none of … Continued

We had such an amazing time in Vancouver. Needlessly to say, as an uprising street fashion hub, Gastown have really amazed us with their selection of stores, offering a wide range of goodies. Different from Hong Kong, they were all very male orientated. So worry not guys, no more waiting outside changing rooms and falling asleep … Continued

Wyndwood Art District The taxi driver made more than one clear attempt to tell us not to cross the 24th street, making us a bit panic-y before we got off the cab. Once we got off and caught the glimpse of the street art that speared through the cracks of the neighbourhood though, our hearts … Continued

During February 2014, our team went to Seoul and Busan in Korea to gather cool style and clothing insights for you all. Scroll below and check out the fashion and daily styles spotted there!  

Flynow III Flynow III, who was started by Mr. Somchai Songwattana at the age of 20 has spread itself into not only one famous Thailand fashion brand recognized around the world, but also a mother brand to other branching labels with 4 stores in Bangkok. Amazingly colorful and full of energy, the brand thinks out … Continued

Tango Siam not only is the most highlighted location for tourists, it’s also a great home to local designers and Thailand brands. In Siam Center just off the BTS Siam sky train stop; Tango on the Fashion Visionary floor (3rd) has taken their store and decorated it like a merry- go- round with dangling purses and shelves … Continued

Abbaew Address Right at the BTS Asok stop in Bangkok, Thailand; mall Terminal 21 is definitely the must visit shopping venue for those who are into fun, quirky, and “street style” type items like myself. As you might or might not know, Bangkok is full of malls; but to be honest they all contain much … Continued