Inspired by “pop culture, music, folk art, and their vivid inner worlds”; Brazilian twin duo Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo from OSGEMEOS will be presenting their first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, ‘Déjà Vu’, at Lehmann Maupin. The internationally recognized brothers not only creates vibrant paintings with their “signature yellow characters, thin dark red outlining, and intricately patterned … Continued

While I am less intimidated by abstract art than our other writer here at stuvvz is, I do agree with her that abstract art is a much more complex style to get a grasp of – not just for its lack of figurative portrayal, but because of its relevance to history as well as different … Continued

Enhancing a print from being a simple decorative to becoming a vibrant, energy-inducing component is not as simple as just printing graphics on a piece of cloth. Issey Miyake is featuring Ikko Tanaka’s graphics for its third time, recreating original works including the Gradation Series (1972), a series that features hiragana and letters which are transformed … Continued

Spaces can be old, new, truly fantastic in its interior design, or tackily furnished – but it will always lack if no relationships are being fostered. The idea of having, or more so, of needing a hub, has been ever growing in the packed city of Hong Kong. People are not only yearning for more … Continued

I have been adopting the mentality to view shopping as an investment rather than just a simple spontaneous act of pleasure. I may well have been, unconsciously, affected by the strong notion to “fight fast fashion”; but either way, I definitely see the change in my buying habits – especially when it comes to accessories. … Continued

Even though local traditions and cultures in Hong Kong have been watered down quite a bit, since the younger generation now evidently appeal to foreign cultures more – Chinese new year still remains to be a heavily celebrated festival, for the obvious reason that unmarried majorities get to receive a bit of pocket cash during … Continued

Written by Sophie Lai Whenever I hear the term abstract, it always reminds me of a deep philosophical theory that exhausts your mind. Since it seems like these artworks never tie itself to a specific topic and are more of an open-ended question that leads to countless interpretation, completely based on the viewer’s own imagination … Continued

Just as I was planning my ski trip at the end of this month, this landed in my inbox – a series of nostalgic, vintage ski posters. Designed by names such as Roger Broders, Erich Hermès, Alex Walter Diggelmann and Georges Dorival that promotes resorts including Gstaad, Davos, and Chamonix; the range of posters available for … Continued

A visual within a visual, the alienated silhouettes that photographer BAKi orchestrates produces optical illusions which put a pause on the dancers’ extensive bodily movements. Instead of using blurs and fabrics to express dance, his photographs reenact the aesthetics of the action with dynamic precision, pulling out a different sense of essence from the art … Continued

Gambette Whilst the world has gone from staring at a screen to indulging in the world of virtual reality; there is a form of simple interactiveness that we have forgotten about – puzzle solving. This is especially interesting when the concept is related to art.  Anne-Claire Gambet, also known as Gambette, is a French illustrator … Continued