I think the art world has best responded to all of the things 2020 has decided to throw at us. Social distancing and work from home? Art galleries and organizations tackled that with virtual exhibitions and workshops. New rising movements that give voice to those who may have struggled to speak up? Artists responded to that with new artworks and interpretations. … Continued

You can’t really replicate the experience of going inside an art gallery. The physical experience of going up the stairs, locking our bags in the visitor locker, and going through the entrance is like traveling to another world. Everything about the smell, the sight, and the rhythm of our footsteps feel transcendental. But while we … Continued

As a Canadian myself, I didn’t realize Club Monaco is a brand from Canada until now. The first-ever Club Monaco opened their doors in 1985 on Queen West Street, Toronto. Priding on their “modern essentials with integrity and longevity,” Club Monaco remains to be a brand that effortlessly delivers evergreen pieces in textures of exquisite … Continued

We feature a lot of international artists on stuvvz.com, but we also strive to shine a light on local artists, like her and them. There is no intention for it to be some grand gesture, such as protecting and highlighting Hong Kong talents. It’s merely because I feel much more connected to these people. Their works not only … Continued

Those in Hong Kong would most likely have heard of the name Miss Bean from her commercial works, as she has been shooting and directing various music videos, CD covers, and TVCs for local celebrities. Like a breath of fresh air in the local community, her bold style glimmers with a vibe of Japanese gentleness. … Continued

My social media newsfeed has been bombarded with Emily in Paris in the past week. Though I enjoy high fashion, I’m not a fan of Emily’s outfits. I prefer one statement-making item in a total look instead of having too much going on. And the one item I usually go for is either a signature … Continued