Mit Jai Inn

In every part of the world, we are experiencing reforms in systems and workflows. People are highly-sensitive in how things are done and how decisions are made. More questions are raised because we have more ways to look for answers now. We ask with the intent on Google, and we browse through suggestions on Facebook. And this Thai artist is one of those who were engaged in an online discussion that has led him to create thought-provoking artworks that one may call a painting and others may see as a sculpture.

Chiang Mai-born Thai artist, Mit Jai Inn, is proudly presenting his exhibition, Royal Marketplace, at Rossi Rossi from now until the third week of January 2021. Inspired by the now blocked Facebook Group, The Royalist Marketplace, where people freely discussed the Thai monarchy, Inn pulls out not political ideas as his inspiration, but rather the concept of honorable resistance.

He expresses this by challenging the “conventional boundaries of art through medium and displays.” For the series Screen (Actants) (2020), he has deliberately painted both sides of the canvas in vivid colors and cut them into long hanging strips, forcing the viewer to navigate the exhibition space in a certain way. It also makes one question the correct way is to view this hybrid between a painting (which should have the ‘right’ side up) and a sculpture (a 3D object with various sides).

The forms he has created induces a physical relationship with the viewer, as though demanding them to seek and check the reality by themselves, resonating with the concept of unchecked power.

Mit Jai Inn | Royal Marketplace
5 December 2020–23 January 2021
Opening: Saturday, 5 December, 2–6 p.m.
Rossi & Rossi: 3/F Yally Industrial Building, 6 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong