Erik Parker

I think the art world has best responded to all of the things 2020 has decided to throw at us. Social distancing and work from home? Art galleries and organizations tackled that with virtual exhibitions and workshops. New rising movements that give voice to those who may have struggled to speak up? Artists responded to that with new artworks and interpretations. An influx of news and noise in our every day lives? This artist here has created compositions that “exploit today’s familiar feeling of overstimulation”. 

Brooklyn-based artist Erik Parker creates artworks that embody the ideas of distrust, resistance, and complaint, all under a humorous and vibrant light. His jam-packed paintings playfully touch on politics, climate change, COVID-19, and the 24-hour news cycle with a sinister undertone that demands a closer look.

His current exhibition, titled New Solitude, features a collection of new paintings created in 2020. Incorporating icons such as Bernie Sander’s followers, guns, beaches, tanks, and more in a Seuss-like manner, he contrasts the reality with the idyllic, emphasizing the real instability of our current lives.

New Solitude by Erik Parker
Exhibition Dates: 28 November 2020 – 09 January 2021 (Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM)
Address: G/F,Over the Influence, 159 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong