JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power 2020/ 2021

People are still out-and-about, there are still things happening around, and life is still going on as it is. But would you agree if I say, it feels more like what is happening now, is happening for the sake of still being able to happen?

Hear me out. You are going out to eat because you can, not necessarily because you want to, and more so, because you don’t know when you can’t. You are purchasing a game because you have nothing better to do, not because you wouldn’t rather be face mask-less at the beach and enjoy an experience that feels far from being restricted.

The whole world is feeling more or less as stumped as we are, but as we learn to live with the current situations, are we also closer to cracking it, maybe even closer to realizing the hidden beauty of being able to navigate through such struggles.

Hands. Footprint. Sound #danceless Performance Series

“Creation is the process of experiencing the unknown.”

For each performer, artist, and the likes, each of their art piece itself is a journey into the unknown. Hence, though the art world has been heavily affected by the pandemic, they are also able to take advantage of the current situation.

A case in point would be the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power (JCNAP), which is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities to the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC). A total of 7 performance, two exhibitions, and more than 100 educational and community events will be happening from September 2020 to 2021.

Hoi Chiu – Brothers of War

The organizations are coming back stronger than ever, by bringing nine local arts groups onto the stage. It includes our personal favorite Hoi Chiu; Joseph Lee; Leung Chi Wo; Zheng Bo; Bel Canto Singers; La P en V Innovation Dance Platform; Pants Theatre Production; Unlock Dancing Plaza, and Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop. Online and offline methods is utilized to bring threatre, dance, modern musical, experimental theatre, and visual arts exhibitions to local and global spectators. 

Au-delà du Temps

“This is a very testing year for all sectors in Hong Kong, including arts and culture. Despite facing unique challenges, we persist to present JCNAP as planned. Not only is this in support of our local artists, we believe it is also meeting art lovers’ anticipation and fostering their interests in various arts and culture programmes.”

– Ms Winsome Chow, the Chief Executive of HKADC

Show your support to our local artists, and stay inspired during these difficult times by keeping yourself enriched and included through arts.

Unfolding Images: We are Spectacle(s)

JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power 2020/ 2021
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