The classy room

What our past generation see as being common; we millennials now treasure as a culture.

There is this shared nostalgia that we, the generation y’s and z’s, have. We find it soothing to see old photos, to indulge in old school music, and to be surrounded by old school designs. We yearn for that washed out look on ceramic tiles and band tees, and there’s just something about seeing the patterns that we have once neglected on our grandmother’s dishes.

I suppose this unexplainable desire is what that has driven WOAW and Black Cat Club to launch their 60s Hong Kong theme tattoo and barber pop-up – “The Classy Room”. Alfred Nil, founder of Black Cat Club, and Aston Ng, barber also from the Black Cat Club, will be offering tattoo and barber services in-store. The collaborative has also produced a line of exclusive merchandises including tees and towels for the occasion.

Decorated as an old-style tea house inspired by the film “In the Mood for Love”, the opening party and media day for The Classy Room have just happened yesterday, allowing guests to take a first glimpse into the retro works by the two Blak Cat Club members.

WOAW: 11 Gough Street, Sheung Wan

The classy room The classy room The classy room