One of our biggest projects to date – The Unseen Locals by stuvvz Production happened on May 12th in hands with over a dozen of collaborators at The Hang Space, the all-new space by Little Tai Hang in Tai Hang, Hong Kong. Featuring 10 local creative units and a handful of brands, art galleries, performers, and more – the exhibition was particularly remembered for our relaxed and friendly vibe. Local artists were introduced to each other, different press representatives got to understand more about the participants’ distinct creative journeys, and the public got to experience and enjoy true, local art.

We would like to thank our amazing participants once again:

Artists: Ticko Liu | Sharu Sikdar | Hoi Chiu | Jennifer Chow Art | Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab | Garnet Chu | Cting | Zlism
Galleries: Geneyclee Gallery | Lucie Chang Fine Arts | Innovative Arts and Media Association
Collaborators: beer archives | Patisserie 1507 | Little Tai Hang | | Colour Freak Studio 花色控製室 | Debbie Debster Jewelry | 蛋誌 | eggwich
Entertainment: Geoff | Oliver Ma

For more photos, visit here.