I have been asked by different friends about my understanding of the idea of cultural appropriation. For people who have grown up in Hong Kong, it might be hard to see where the problem is when a Caucasian celebrity decides to get cornrows, or when a white person decides to earn his or her living … Continued

Denim is, nevertheless, a sturdy material that can withstand years of wearing; it is not the best material for adventures outdoor. It’s heavy, not water-proof, and bleeds in the wash. However, the North Face has decided to transform denim into a highly functional material by collaborating with Gore-Tex®, DryVent TM, Cordura®, CoolMax®, Primaloft®, Pertex Unlimited® … Continued

Intertwining through the gallery space in Gana Art Center, South Korea; COS x Snarkitecture’s latest installation, ‘Loop’, will be open to the public from the 8th to the 19th of November in Seoul. The New York-based design studio has, yet again, created another playful and interactive concept, where 100, 000 white glass marbles are released … Continued

There are lots of exciting art events happening in Hong Kong this November! Apart from Lumieres Hong Kong, there will also be the Gallery Walk for Charity on the 21st of November- one of the highlighted events under the annual Hong Kong Art Week event brand umbrella. Ticket holders get to hop through 30 plus … Continued

You guys must have seen the footage of the lighting performance from Fête des Lumières at Gare St Paul last year, where the architecture became the screen for a projected story, creating this magnificent visual which is not only site-specific, but it gave the site another dimension, making the locally recognised, or even the daily … Continued

The society’s stereotype is that women love flowers. I suppose we do, but I doubt we all love fresh flowers. Personally, I am not a fan of living flowers. They stress me out, in the sense that I feel responsible for their inevitable death. I’m definitely not the best caregiver either, so when I see … Continued

Do any of us read books anymore? I mean, I ventured out into creating this digital online magazine precisely because I no longer see the viability of tangible books here in Hong Kong. We produced a printed magazine 2 years ago, and even though it was one of the best experiences I have ever had … Continued

Since the wipe out in 2015, Invader has never stopped himself from returning to Hong Kong. After releasing his six Invasion guides on Paris, Los Angeles, London, Rome, Miami and Hong Kong; he is back again to release his 7th Invasion Guide – New Mosaics of Ravenna. In hands with Over the Influence, the latest guide … Continued

I have never been a fan of theatre. I suppose it is because I never saw one that was able to pull me in, one that made me feel like I was more than just a spectator. While movies can be fine-tuned and edited to enhance its engagement level with viewers; theatre relies heavily on … Continued