We kid you not, but some of these took us a minute to realize they aren’t real flowers.

“I want to introduce the beading techniques and savoir-faire behind the process to a larger audience and turn what is commonly seen as a simple practice into something of a greater magnitude and nobility”. – Helena Thulin

Having worked for names like Chloe, Sonia Rykiel, and Simone Rocha, Thulin founded her brand around 2019 and have produced two collections, A/W 2020 You Want it Darker and S/S 2020 L’Été à Giverny, up to now.
Heavily inspired by flowers and their fragility, she uses a “meticulous combination of SWAROVSKI® crystals and glass beads” to create her delicate jewels. Her deliberate choice in making her works look fragile is because she wants “the carrier of my jewels to take care of the object and treat it with the same delicacy as they would with a flower.”

For us, her works challenge the notion that beading techniques are purely crafty and decorative. Her designs extenuate a presence on its own, which makes it stand more like an individual piece of artwork than just a piece of jewellery.

Photo source: https://joyeuserie.fr/collections/helena-thulin

Helena Thulin

Helena Thulin

Helena Thulin Helena Thulin