This artist’s story is close to my heart. Apart from the both of us being Canadians, I was also in the journalism/ media industry and was also “forced to find another way to exercise creativity as outlets were limited. Though I went through that transition in Hong Kong and ended up starting this art and … Continued

Surprisingly, what had first caught my eyes were the textures. It was the thickness of the cutout pieces, the brush marks left behind on the paint, and the dots and faint words showing through. I was not in a rush to make out the composition, usually what I’d do with collages. What had caught my … Continued

Motion art designer and founder Nahuel Salcedo calls Onesal an art direction studio – a collective made up of “self-defined visual cooks” working on versatile animation projects that are open to an infinite number of possible definitions. The Tokyo-based “kitchen” garnered attention for its “international taste”, serving otherworldly sensory simulations that, instead of telling a narrative, … Continued