While I am less intimidated by abstract art than our other writer here at stuvvz is, I do agree with her that abstract art is a much more complex style to get a grasp of – not just for its lack of figurative portrayal, but because of its relevance to history as well as different … Continued

Even for someone who is in the industry, I get confused with all the art fairs that are happening during art month here in Hong Kong. Apart from Art Central and Asia Contemporary Art Fair; there is also the 6th Affordable Art Fair to be happening this May. What makes Affordable Art Fair different though, … Continued

I’m an avid solo traveler. I’ve been to Boston, San Francisco, and parts of Japan myself. I believe that traveling alone offers a much more unique experience in comparison to traveling with a group. I can eat whatever, sleep in until whenever, and freely plan as I go. Not to mention, I also get to … Continued

Enhancing a print from being a simple decorative to becoming a vibrant, energy-inducing component is not as simple as just printing graphics on a piece of cloth. Issey Miyake is featuring Ikko Tanaka’s graphics for its third time, recreating original works including the Gradation Series (1972), a series that features hiragana and letters which are transformed … Continued

Spaces can be old, new, truly fantastic in its interior design, or tackily furnished – but it will always lack if no relationships are being fostered. The idea of having, or more so, of needing a hub, has been ever growing in the packed city of Hong Kong. People are not only yearning for more … Continued

I have been adopting the mentality to view shopping as an investment rather than just a simple spontaneous act of pleasure. I may well have been, unconsciously, affected by the strong notion to “fight fast fashion”; but either way, I definitely see the change in my buying habits – especially when it comes to accessories. … Continued

Even though local traditions and cultures in Hong Kong have been watered down quite a bit, since the younger generation now evidently appeal to foreign cultures more – Chinese new year still remains to be a heavily celebrated festival, for the obvious reason that unmarried majorities get to receive a bit of pocket cash during … Continued