Having established themselves as voices that oppose the world’s dominant narratives, Ward, a New York-based artist, and Rhode, a Berlin-based artist, are joining forces at Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong for a double exhibition in April this year. While both artists blend high art with low art through unique metaphorical perspectives that refer to different cultures, … Continued

My boyfriend was browsing through an online anime streaming website, deciding on what to watch with me after dinner yesterday and landed on Mazinger Z, a Japanese robot manga series from the early 70’s. I’ve never watched it myself, but the series definitely gives him childhood memories. Interestingly enough, during the same time, South Korea … Continued

I’ve studied Japanese for years in my life, yet, my on-and-off practice with it has gotten me not much further than just conducting casual conversations with those who speak the language. The first thing I had to learn was Hiragana, the basic set of characters to the language. It was pure memorization for me, until … Continued

You can send your love through a Whatsapp message, a tag on a meme, an actual postcard, or even a precious gift; but rarely do we use, or even recall, the romantic embodiment of a handkerchief. Handkerchiefs are often understood as a sign of socio-economical status, a prop during ritual dances, a personal hygiene item, … Continued

One of our biggest projects to date – The Unseen Locals┬áby stuvvz Production happened on May 12th in hands with over a dozen of collaborators at The Hang Space, the all-new space by Little Tai Hang in Tai Hang, Hong Kong. Featuring 10 local creative units and a handful of brands, art galleries, performers, and … Continued

Revealing fascinating and strange treasures which were once collected in “actual cabinets or small studies in which rulers and wealthy owners stored both precious religious, royal and valuable items as well as unusual specimens from the natural world”, The Cabinets of Curiosities, an exhibition by CityU Exhibition Gallery and Le French May Arts Festival, will … Continued

Featuring products which have previously gone viral in the digital world, including the ili wearable translator lobgar and the lucky iron fish; kapok is presenting a range of amazing designs by emerging Asian designers at their sun street store in hands with the Hong Kong Design Centre. Lasting from now until July 26, 2018, the … Continued