Enhancing a print from being a simple decorative to becoming a vibrant, energy-inducing component is not as simple as just printing graphics on a piece of cloth. Issey Miyake is featuring Ikko Tanaka’s graphics for its third time, recreating original works including the Gradation Series (1972), a series that features hiragana and letters which are transformed … Continued

Spaces can be old, new, truly fantastic in its interior design, or tackily furnished – but it will always lack if no relationships are being fostered. The idea of having, or more so, of needing a hub, has been ever growing in the packed city of Hong Kong. People are not only yearning for more … Continued

I have been adopting the mentality to view shopping as an investment rather than just a simple spontaneous act of pleasure. I may well have been, unconsciously, affected by the strong notion to “fight fast fashion”; but either way, I definitely see the change in my buying habits – especially when it comes to accessories. … Continued

Even though local traditions and cultures in Hong Kong have been watered down quite a bit, since the younger generation now evidently appeal to foreign cultures more – Chinese new year still remains to be a heavily celebrated festival, for the obvious reason that unmarried majorities get to receive a bit of pocket cash during … Continued

Written by Sophie Lai Whenever I hear the term abstract, it always reminds me of a deep philosophical theory that exhausts your mind. Since it seems like these artworks never tie itself to a specific topic and are more of an open-ended question that leads to countless interpretation, completely based on the viewer’s own imagination … Continued

Parisstoicism// fertility// futurism// hope Presenting a collection of abstract pieces which experiments with grace and form; Rick Owens demonstrates his rejection towards normality once again, by inducing unique twists and curves with exclusively developed fabrics including stiff cotton sateen canvas, twill gazar made from a silk and paper yarn and more. Creating special zipped compartments alongside … Continued

For its fourth year, Art Central, in hands with Lead Partner United Overseas Bank, is returning to Central Harborfront at the end of March with 102 international galleries. Maintaining the fair’s strong regional identity, both young and recognized artists are continued to be featured. Charles Ross, Managing Director of Art Central, exclaims that the fair … Continued

It has been a while since we were last excited about the Asia Contemporary Art Show. Their previous curated pieces were not exactly our cup of tea, but we are happily aroused by their list of participating artists for their upcoming 12th edition of the event. Featuring over 200 artists from around the world; we … Continued