It’s been a while since we last hosted an event – but we’re so grateful to have the chance to step back into the offline world with our first ever #SNO (Simple Night Out) series at Shore, Central. We took over their terrace area on April 18th, 2018, and produced a ‘Picnic Under the Stars‘ … Continued

A fascinating look into not just “Camper’s avant-garde creativity” but also the corners of our city; I.T’s “Street Bible” book, which was produced exclusively for TWINS’ 30th anniversary, features different Camper ambassadors expressing the “vivacious essence of TWINS style” around China. Here is our selection of the Hong Kong photos by photographer Liu Xiangyu and styled/art-directed … Continued

Wear mushroom-made clothing and be moisturized with an algae jacket? The third edition of Global Change Award has just announced the results of their latest accelerators and the breakdown of their 1 million euro to the final five innovations, which all strives to contribute to a more sustainable future by transforming the fashion industry. Selected … Continued

What some sees as “cult”, we see as honesty. Alice Waese has been known for her experimental surrealism designs ever since she has first started. This season, she continues to create limited editions of completely unique jewellery. For 2018, she has hand sculpted rings and bracelets cast in gold and silver. We find ourselves particularly … Continued

Several years ago, all of our press releases came from galleries based in Hong Kong. At times, we didn’t receive enough content so we approached galleries in Europe for their insight on trends and information on upcoming art shows. Now, we find ourselves receiving more and more information about art happening in greater China. Like … Continued

No longer looking for extravagant designs, yet still yearning for details hidden within a haystack. Timeless, versatile, yet bold in its approach – Ports 1961 welcomes their Bee Sneakers in “white perforated leather, polka dots, bright red, and green polyester”, which is further adorned with “two bands of fabric/leather knotted together, creating an oversized, ad … Continued