In 2020, the idea of an office has been completely redefined. People now realize how the environment affects their work, and a lot of us prefer the comforts of our living room over glamorous office spaces. It is fair to say that we all have a much better understanding of what facilitates effective work.

Seeing this as an opportunity, LAWSGROUP has introduced IoT and a series of mural art into the Connaught Marina boutique office building, with six local and international artists featured across the 28-floors.

Colorful murals fill the walls and ceilings of the building’s exteriors, rooftop garden, and even their washrooms. Local illustrator, Vivian Ho, was in charge of the ceiling of LAND[E]SCAPE, the rooftop garden. She incorporated various perspectives and flows of goldfish, sharks, the Chinese sailboat, and other local landmarks so that one can simply look up and be fascinated by an aquarium-like scene as they enter. On the 18th floor staircase is Kazy Chan’s mural, “To-Gather”, which illustrates Sheung Wan in the ’50s. And on the outside of the building facing Wing Lok Street is an Ukiyo-e style fish painting by the creative trio, Brain Rental Lab. Bo Law’s black and white illustration of adorable characters in traffic fills the lobby. Not to mention, Bao Ho‘s old Hong Kong piece in the washroom and Ping’s kaleidoscope patterns in the lift surprises all visitors. Our favorite is the other exterior mural by Tim Marsh. Created in collaboration with Le French May, his work features a vibrantly colored, geometric octopus. He has deliberately chosen this animal to reflect how flexible Hong Kongers are, as well as connoting on the Octopus card.