Welcoming to their collection, M+ crowns their donation from Hallam Chow, which features a total of 25 pieces of contemporary Asian art from 2016 until now. As the grandson of Edward T. Chow (1910-1980), a collector of antiques in post-war Hong Kong, Hallam Chow focuses on supporting Asian art and educational initiatives to promote cultural exchange between Asia and the rest of the world.

The donation includes works by leading Japanese artists and collectives such as Aida Makoto (born 1965), Chim↑Pom (established 2005), Konoike Tomoko (born 1960), Odani Motohiko (born 1972), Shioyasu Tomoko (born 1981), Takamine Tadasu (born 1968), Teruya Yuken (born 1973), and Yanobe Kenji (born 1965). Other Asian artists featured in the donation include Montien Boonma (1953–2000, Thailand), Lee Bul (born 1964, South Korea), Liang Yuanwei (born 1977, Shaanxi), Liu Wei (born 1972, Beijing), and Adrian Wong (born 1980, United States).

Some of our favorite works include the interactive piece, Libido-Electricity Conversion Machine ‘EROKITEL’ Third and Practical Model ‘KIBOU’ (2011) by Chim↑Pom. The DIY machine is designed to convert male sexual energy into a source of electricity, a comment on Japan’s reliance on nuclear power. Another is the installation Water Level and Organ Sound (2004) by Takamine Tadasu, where a young woman swimming naked is projected onto a transparent water tank. 

– Aida Makoto, Art and Philosophy #1 ‘Critique of Critique of Judgment’, 2008, Felt-tip pen on paperback-book pages, Photo: Miyajima Kei, ©AIDA Makoto, Courtesy of Mizuma Art Gallery
– Chim↑Pom, Libido-Electricity Conversion Machine ‘EROKITEL’ Third and Practical Model ‘KIBOU’, 2011, Mixed media and sports-paper advertising 62 x 35 x 28 cm, Photo: Kei Miyajima, © Chim↑Pom, Courtesy of the artist, ANOMALY and MUJIN- TO Production
– Konoike Tomoko, Mimio-Odyssey, 2005, Book and digital video projection, © KONOIKE Tomoko, Courtesy of Mizuma Art Gallery
– Liang Yuanwei, Early Spring – One Table, Four Stools, 2010, Laminated wood, metal and oil paint Dimensions variable, © Liang Yuanwei
– Liu Wei, Untitled, 2012, Aluminium alloy, neon light tube, wood, and ceramic, © Liu Wei
– Odani Motohiko, SP extra ‘Malformed Noh Mask Series Half Skeleton’s Twins’ Left, 2007, Wood, natural mineral pigment, Japanese lacquer, and other media, Photo: Keizo Kioku, Courtesy of ANOMALY
– Shioyasu Tomoko, Root of Heaven, 2006, Synthetic paper, Photo: SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, © Shioyasu Tomoko, Courtesy of SCAI THE BATHHOUSE
– Takamine Tadasu, Water Level and Organ Sound, 2004, Water tank, water, projector, and single- channel video (colour, sound), ©Tadasu Takamine, Courtesy of ANOMALY
– Yanobe Kenji, Torayan Head Train, 2005, Aluminium, steel, brass, fibre-reinforced plastic, styrofoam, and jet heater, Photo: Seiji Toyonaga, Courtesy of ANOMALY