Some artists see their creative process as a record of a moment, while others see it as the birth of a whole new world. Whichever it is, a successful piece of artwork should transcend the audience, providing one with a new perspective on every day or a surreal experience that takes one out of this world. 

Following its inaugural presentation in Imola, Italy, and a display in Amsterdam, the Universes 3 group exhibit now lands in WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong. Curated by Sasha Bogojev, a contributing editor and European correspondent at Juxtapoz magazine, a total of 14 international artists are featured in this exhibition. Names include Marisa Adesman, a St. Louis, Missouri-based artist who uses her works to examine femininity; Ryan Browning, an American gouache and oil painter who creates whimsical artworks; Timothy Curtis, an ex-inmate turned professional artist who produces bold, powerful drawings; Paul Insect, aka PINS, a mixed media street artist; Jang Koal, a South Korean pop-surrealist artist who creates daring characters; Katelyn Ledford, an American artist that creates cynical women portraits; Young Lim Lee, a South Korea artist based in Atlanta, US, who draws inspiration from childlike elements; Laurens Legiers, a Belgian painter who is inspired by 18th century Europe and creates romantic snapshots of the everyday; Raymond Lemstra, a Gorningen, The Netherlands born artist who creates intricate drawings that experiments with “simplicity and complexity, randomness and reason, flaws and perfection”; Simphiwe Ndzube, a contemporary surrealist from Cape Town, South Africa; Liam O’Brien, an American Postwar and Contemporary artist whose works portray tender moments with soft gradients; Daniel Sparkes, an English artist who creates awkward visual languages that fuses forms between Dr Seuss, Philip Guston, and bunker architecture; TIDE (Idetatsuhiro), a Tokyo-based artist who expresses the ‘Intimism’ movement with his depiction of the domestic setting; and Hiejin Yoo, a Münster, Germany born artist who crates large, semi-figurative oil pantings of the mundane. 

WOAW Presents Universes 3 Curated by Sasha Bogojev
Gallery period: From 12 December to 25 December, 2020
Opening hours: 11am – 6pm
Venue: WOAW Gallery, 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong