“It’s about British culture, English culture… It’s essential to make things to pass down, we are always creating our own heritage.” – Johnny Coca, Mulberry Creative Director The latest collection by Mulberry consists “bold geometrics and extravagant foliage” in a colour palette of “faded blush, antique blue, dusty yellow and a vibrant field green.” Matching them with contemporary … Continued

Do any of us read books anymore? I mean, I ventured out into creating this digital online magazine precisely because I no longer see the viability of tangible books here in Hong Kong. We produced a printed magazine 2 years ago, and even though it was one of the best experiences I have ever had … Continued

Since the wipe out in 2015, Invader has never stopped himself from returning to Hong Kong. After releasing his six Invasion guides on Paris, Los Angeles, London, Rome, Miami and Hong Kong; he is back again to release his 7th Invasion Guide – New Mosaics of Ravenna. In hands with Over the Influence, the latest guide … Continued

I have never been a fan of theatre. I suppose it is because I never saw one that was able to pull me in, one that made me feel like I was more than just a spectator. While movies can be fine-tuned and edited to enhance its engagement level with viewers; theatre relies heavily on … Continued

Infused with invisible air, balloons are rarely seen as anything invasive, rather, they have always been a joyful object which uplifts our mood whenever our gaze lands upon it. This is why the act of using balloons to invade our recognized space can, in turn, create a striking contrast, which successfully empowers the inflated circles … Continued

I just started at a new job several weeks ago. Before, I never had the need to carry my laptop around, and neither did I have to dress in a smart-casual style for work. Now that I have to, the first thing I became concerned with was that I needed to buy a new bag. … Continued

For people like us, who have spent most our life in Hong Kong, we would often oversee the unique urbanscape of our city. Yet, if we were told to indulge ourselves in a full day of shooting in Hong Kong, there would be so many captivating spots that can well transpire in unforgettable photography pieces. … Continued

Rather than just being a celebration of the great works by these two artists; this exhibition is particularly interesting because it also celebrates the great friendship and mentor-ship between Baruchello and Duchamp, as their works are specifically paired in the exhibition to highlight the unique dialogue between the two. As an iconic Italian artist, Baruchello … Continued