At first it was just her art, but now I’m mesmerized with her words too. Direct, touching and very relate-able; Naela Ali is an illustrator and the founder of @_asobi . Her artworks are influenced by the Japanese culture. Her gentle brush strokes and relaxed figures are not at all perfect, where at times the … Continued

Featuring three amazing, generation-changing artists from the Bronx and Bristol; The Collaborations which has just opened on the 21st of July, 2017 at Above Second feature the works by graffiti writers Crash @crashone and BIO @biotatscru, and a stencil master from Bristol, Nick Walker @nickwalker_art. Walker, who is now one of the world’s leading stencil … Continued

“All the elements: water, air fire, earth, they’re all there.” And the hot air balloon? “Well, that’s the human touch”, explains Waymouth. Nigel Waymouth, the name alongside Sheila Cohen and John Pearse behind the 1966 founded original-chic fashion boutique, Granny Takes a Trip, has recently been commissioned by Joyce Boutique to create a 100 editions … Continued

If you’re into street wear like I am, you would definitely have seen girls matching high waist fishnets underneath their ragged jeans. Some girls look gorgeous in them, while I am too lazy to put anything more than a one-piece tunic on in this blazing heat. Yet, if I were to get my hands on … Continued

It’s like when foreigners think all Chinese people know Kung Fu; it’s not a bad stereotype but it does get a bit repetitive, it’s the same as when Hollywood movies or tourist books always seem to put an equal sign between neon lights and Hong Kong. We are more than just the signs, in fact, … Continued

People think I must be very confident about my body size because I have always been skinny. The fact is, I envy curvy girls so much. There’s really nothing I can do about it though, as even if I gained weight, the weight isn’t going where I want them to be. Moral of this story … Continued

Keds has always been a brand that emphasizes on their support for ladies around the world. After working with iconic ladies such as Audrey Herpburn, Mariyn Moore, Jackie Kennedy, Yoko Ono, and Taylor Swift; they are releasing their all new Stripes SS2017 collection in hands with ANA by Karma, a Bhutan hand-woven scarfs social enterprise. … Continued