People often look into things such as food, music, and traditions when they want to revisit different phases in our contemporary society – rarely do people remember the power of fabric. Daily items such as towels, sheets, and garments can well represent our everyday life, and they have the potential to bring social impact to … Continued

What are we talking about when we talk about fashion? Since the wave of fast fashion swept across the world, the term fashion is synonymous with sin and excessive waste. However, there are fashion insiders who believe that sustainability could also be a fashion trend itself, and one of them is Sarah Fung. When Sarah left … Continued

Founded in Tasmania, Will & Bear is not only an Australian headwear label which loves living life outdoors, they also value the environment so much that they have planted over “27 football fields worth of trees in Senegal, Africa”. Dedicated to create the highest quality of products, with a strong ethos which value and see … Continued

Clockenflap in Hong Kong has just ended. I was there for all three days and was, sadly, quite disappointed. In anyways, I’m just glad that there’s another festival to look forward to now, and it’s Wonderfruit in Thailand. Gathering different cross-cultural communities under the Sustainable Pavilion from December 14th to 17th in Pattaya, a celebration … Continued

I have been asked by different friends about my understanding of the idea of cultural appropriation. For people who have grown up in Hong Kong, it might be hard to see where the problem is when a Caucasian celebrity decides to get cornrows, or when a white person decides to earn his or her living … Continued

“Soft- Cashmere’s raison d’etre. Modern- Beyond the crewneck. Thoughtful- A different tone.” The latest collection by Club Monaco is inspired by art, photography and trips that the brand has enjoyed. Thoughtfully designed with modern shapes in a meticulously chosen color palette with hand picked yarns, the soft designs blossom physically and visually.

From now until the 19th of November, Moleskine will be showcasing the 10 best drawings from the Creativity-on-the-Move: city-sketchingon the tram competition at their K11 store, including: A place where I doodle feeling thoughts… by Charlotte Mui; Ding Ding Away by Lew Yanheng; Tram Ride Through History by Tong Tsz Ching, Mimi; City Flaneur on Tram by Chan Hiu Ting, Winnie; Catch A … Continued