I am super against full-body scanners at the airport. I’d rather be pat down than to go through these machines, not only because the effect caused by the Extremely High Frequencies are still unsure, but because I feel that my body is being violated from these so-called security measures. The shape of my breasts, my … Continued

By definition, a pedestal is “the base or support on which a statue, obelisk, or column is mounted.” Yet, by context, a pedestal is “a position in which someone is greatly or uncritically admired.” Back in the day, Romans placed isolated columns on top of pedestals to highlight its importance and as decorations; the Chinese … Continued

Did you know that the Star Ferry Co. Ltd was founded by a Parsee merchant named Dorabjee N. Mithaiwala? And did you know that the name ‘Star Ferry’ stems from a romantic reference – a line from the poem “Crossing the Bar”? Our ride on the Star Ferry now takes only 9 minutes, but this ’50 … Continued

The process of creating a collage is much like puzzling out the pieces of life. Instead of creating things from scratch, collage artists are able to revitalize fragments into new energies. These new energies define the vision of the artist, where at times they limit the final framework, and at times, they accentuate it with … Continued

People often look into things such as food, music, and traditions when they want to revisit different phases in our contemporary society – rarely do people remember the power of fabric. Daily items such as towels, sheets, and garments can well represent our everyday life, and they have the potential to bring social impact to … Continued

Founded in Tasmania, Will & Bear is not only an Australian headwear label which loves living life outdoors, they also value the environment so much that they have planted over “27 football fields worth of trees in Senegal, Africa”. Dedicated to create the highest quality of products, with a strong ethos which value and see … Continued

I have been asked by different friends about my understanding of the idea of cultural appropriation. For people who have grown up in Hong Kong, it might be hard to see where the problem is when a Caucasian celebrity decides to get cornrows, or when a white person decides to earn his or her living … Continued

Denim is, nevertheless, a sturdy material that can withstand years of wearing; it is not the best material for adventures outdoor. It’s heavy, not water-proof, and bleeds in the wash. However, the North Face has decided to transform denim into a highly functional material by collaborating with Gore-Tex®, DryVent TM, Cordura®, CoolMax®, Primaloft®, Pertex Unlimited® … Continued