Motion art designer and founder Nahuel Salcedo calls Onesal an art direction studio – a collective made up of “self-defined visual cooks” working on versatile animation projects that are open to an infinite number of possible definitions. The Tokyo-based “kitchen” garnered attention for its “international taste”, serving otherworldly sensory simulations that, instead of telling a narrative, … Continued

My very first encounter with Jennifer Chow and #SadCherry was at the Artist Playground launch event at The Park Lane Hong Kong last summer. Amidst the bustling crowd and celebratory atmosphere, #SadCherry stood out as a raw and striking statement. In conversing with Jennifer, it became clear how her process of introspection affects her viewpoint of the … Continued

Bang Sang-ho has always been an artist who intrigued me both visually and mentally, due to the inimitability of his intricate yet striking style. There seems to be a gravitational force across every inch of his canvas, precisely because there is so much going on. His works mercilessly draw my gaze into every nook and … Continued

Fashion is timeless. Sure, some styles may lose its touch once new fads arise, however, they will always stay a staple within our fashion history. From the back of our dusty closets, to the front windows of a boutique, vintage clothing is a forgotten treasure. Everyone has their favorite era of clothing, and we are … Continued

The STUVVZ team proudly presents our newest media collaboration with The HULA Limited, an online style innovator based in Hong Kong. The following article is courtesy to The HULA Limited at and feature image courtesy to Cai Mei Khoo is the Editor in Chief of Buro 24/7 Malaysia; a digital fashion, design and lifestyle magazine which launched in 2011 and … Continued

Handcrafted and radiating a slow, simple, and nonchalant vibe – meet MANO, a contemporary forerunner in clean-cut craftsmanship. The following article and images are courtesy to Obellery at Mano MANO (MànMàn) is a curatorial team established in 2010 by Min-Ling Hsieh and Yu-Chun Chen from Taiwan who are also enthusiastic jewellery makers themselves. ‘Mano’ … Continued

The STUVVZ team recently talked to Fanny Moizant, Co-Founder of Vestiaire Collective, and her talented team about authenticity in the online shopping culture, the collective’s product curation process, and how to spot real amidst replicas.   i) What does the word ‘authentic’ mean to you and your team? We take authenticity very seriously at Vestiaire Collective, it’s … Continued