A throwback to the vintage style, Wing Chan’s one-of-a-kind traditional mailbox jewellery designs are the perfect ode to Hong Kong, the city which we call home. The following article and images are courtesy to Obellery at www.obellery.com. Taking inspiration from local culture, Wing Chan captures moments in time with his works. Born and raised in … Continued

In celebration of Le French May Arts Festival’s 25th Anniversary this year, Louis Vuitton is proud of present its “Time Capsule” exhibition, “a journey that revisits landmark innovations in technology and design through the history of the luxury House.” Walking the public through the brand’s stories from 1854 until now, rare objects from the Louis … Continued

Henrik Uldalen Surprisingly, it was not his photo-surrealistic works which we came across first; but rather, his segmented collection of miniature oil paintings of eyes and mouths on glass boxes. Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen is a self-taught Norwegian oil painter who is recognized for his paintings about “the dark sides of life, nihilism, existentialism, longing and … Continued

I just watched this video about the power of the internet in China and how their society is now very much reliant on online networks, namely Weibo. It is indeed an interesting phenomenon for those who work in the IT industry, to study about how technology transforms the lifestyle of people. However, for someone like … Continued

Budding local designer Alex Tsai presents his very own jewellery aesthetic to the world through the lens of honey bee colonies and the animal kingdom. The following article and images are courtesy to Obellery at www.obellery.com. Alex Tsai Alex Tsai is a UK-trained designer-maker based in Hong Kong. His multifaceted career in the local contemporary jewellery industry has earned him valuable … Continued

Belinda Chang and Hugo Yeung, both jewellery designers and curators, founded Obellery, a contemporary jewellery studio located at PMQ in the heart of Central’s lively Soho area. The following article and images are courtesy to Obellery at www.obellery.com. Belinda Chang Belinda Chang is a contemporary jewellery designer-maker trained in the United Kingdom. Her career as jeweller … Continued

I remember my art professor emphasizing on how important it is to recognize the experience that you want your audience to have before creating an installation piece. Installation pieces are time-consuming projects that are more about inviting your audience into a new world, than just purely expressing your own point of view. It has that … Continued

Marianna Peragallo I only draw portraits of people that I have a strong bond with. Whether they are someone I love or someone that I hope to fall in love with; they are always someone that I know personally. This is because the action of drawing a portrait is very special, and it is much … Continued

The following article is produced by STUVVZ’s collaborative media partner BuyMeDesign, a Hong Kong-based design curator and launching pad for designers. The original article was posted on BuyMeDesign’s blog: www.buymedesign.com/blog. Great design is born of the meeting between practicality and artistry. As each and every design we curate at buyMeDesign is a love child of these two … Continued

If when we all die, nothing else is left? Only our noodles and our objects instead? When instant noodles were first invented by Taiwanese-Japanese inventor Momofuku Ando in Japan sometime around 1958, he might not have seen how much of an impact his invention would make to the lifestyle of the global civilization. Pouring hot … Continued