It’s like when foreigners think all Chinese people know Kung Fu; it’s not a bad stereotype but it does get a bit repetitive, it’s the same as when Hollywood movies or tourist books always seem to put an equal sign between neon lights and Hong Kong. We are more than just the signs, in fact, … Continued

People think I must be very confident about my body size because I have always been skinny. The fact is, I envy curvy girls so much. There’s really nothing I can do about it though, as even if I gained weight, the weight isn’t going where I want them to be. Moral of this story … Continued

Keds has always been a brand that emphasizes on their support for ladies around the world. After working with iconic ladies such as Audrey Herpburn, Mariyn Moore, Jackie Kennedy, Yoko Ono, and Taylor Swift; they are releasing their all new Stripes SS2017 collection in hands with ANA by Karma, a Bhutan hand-woven scarfs social enterprise. … Continued

Handcrafted and radiating a slow, simple, and nonchalant vibe – meet MANO, a contemporary forerunner in clean-cut craftsmanship. The following article and images are courtesy to Obellery at Mano MANO (MànMàn) is a curatorial team established in 2010 by Min-Ling Hsieh and Yu-Chun Chen from Taiwan who are also enthusiastic jewellery makers themselves. ‘Mano’ … Continued

Opening on the 13th of July, Carnival, an exhibition featuring artists Luigi Ontani, Zhao Gang and Matthew Monahan takes a look into the different “perspectives and shades of the human being, both as a figure and as an existence, as faces and as masks.” Though the artists’ styles are extremely different from each other, all … Continued

The STUVVZ team proudly presents our newest media collaboration with The HULA Limited, an online style innovator based in Hong Kong. The following article is courtesy to The HULA Limited at and feature image courtesy to Gemma Hayden-Blest is a floral artist creating botanical beauty for photoshoots, prints, events and installations. Her previous clients have included; Jack … Continued

As the second edition of their three-part series, the ‘MILL6 GET SET – Hey! Let’s WEAVE!’ Summer 2017 program is MILL6’s ongoing Community Engagement and Learning programs initiative, which aims to connect different communities together through their “stories, skill sets and creativity”. Dedicated to “reactivating the legacy of Hong Kong’s textile industry and to bridge … Continued

It was precisely the text in the top image which has got me writing this article. I know nothing about the artist, and I was ready to delete the email at any minute, but when I read that text and I stopped, because I felt something – literally that “something you can’t leave behind”. Born … Continued

Previously hosted an art exhibition at the Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong in conjunction with two other artists, we were particularly drawn to Keogh’s sharp approach to painting with abstraction. Born in Spenard, Alaska in 1982 and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, Caitlin Keogh’s graphic works are filled with vines and knots as … Continued