I just started at a new job several weeks ago. Before, I never had the need to carry my laptop around, and neither did I have to dress in a smart-casual style for work. Now that I have to, the first thing I became concerned with was that I needed to buy a new bag. … Continued

For people like us, who have spent most our life in Hong Kong, we would often oversee the unique urbanscape of our city. Yet, if we were told to indulge ourselves in a full day of shooting in Hong Kong, there would be so many captivating spots that can well transpire in unforgettable photography pieces. … Continued

Rather than just being a celebration of the great works by these two artists; this exhibition is particularly interesting because it also celebrates the great friendship and mentor-ship between Baruchello and Duchamp, as their works are specifically paired in the exhibition to highlight the unique dialogue between the two. As an iconic Italian artist, Baruchello … Continued

When you think of a garden, what do you think of? Flowers? Insects? Green grass that runs for miles ahead? In the latest K11 Art Foundation supporting group exhibition entitled The Garden, curator Enoch Cheng has arranged an artistic garden that not only “display, cultivate, study and enjoy” the beauty of nature, but also replace … Continued

If you have been our reader for some time now, you should remember that we have covered this great photographer before. Happy to say, he has remained to be that interesting fellow we have fallen in love with and continues to impress us with his latest collection of works represented by opiom gallery, France. Living … Continued

The STUVVZ team proudly presents our newest media collaboration with The HULA Limited, an online style innovator based in Hong Kong. The following article is courtesy to The HULA Limited at www.thehula.com and feature image courtesy to buro247.my. Cai Mei Khoo is the Editor in Chief of Buro 24/7 Malaysia; a digital fashion, design and lifestyle magazine which launched in 2011 and … Continued

I remember I dyed paper with coffee and tea for a history project in high school once. I even went to the extreme of burning off the edges of the paper so that it gave off a strong vintage and pirate scroll-like appearance. The project got an A* for presentation mark of course. Not only is … Continued

I always wanted to get some flowers for the office, but considering the amount of stuff that we have- it’s really not a good idea. With the humid temperature in Hong Kong as well, it is bound to foster tiny flies, and there’s a big chance of me knocking the whole thing over. This is … Continued

Andrea Vida One of my favorite stores when I was a child (and still is now), is definitely the Build-A-Bear Workshop. Not only did my eyes lit up when I saw that big cotton-filling machine at the door; I remembered my mother’s eyes also lit up. The store was just as appealing to kids as … Continued

You might not have heard of the name Catherine Grossrieder before, but I bet you are familiar with the name Cath Love. Known under the latter name as one of the finalists for ‘Secret Walls’, she has produced works for brands such as Island Records, Selfridges, Nike, H&M, Jimmy Choo, Lane Crawford, and Kangol. Grossrieder … Continued