I have been adopting the mentality to view shopping as an investment rather than just a simple spontaneous act of pleasure. I may well have been, unconsciously, affected by the strong notion to “fight fast fashion”; but either way, I definitely see the change in my buying habits – especially when it comes to accessories. … Continued

Even though local traditions and cultures in Hong Kong have been watered down quite a bit, since the younger generation now evidently appeal to foreign cultures more – Chinese new year still remains to be a heavily celebrated festival, for the obvious reason that unmarried majorities get to receive a bit of pocket cash during … Continued

Written by Sophie Lai Whenever I hear the term abstract, it always reminds me of a deep philosophical theory that exhausts your mind. Since it seems like these artworks never tie itself to a specific topic and are more of an open-ended question that leads to countless interpretation, completely based on the viewer’s own imagination … Continued

Just as I was planning my ski trip at the end of this month, this landed in my inbox – a series of nostalgic, vintage ski posters. Designed by names such as Roger Broders, Erich Hermès, Alex Walter Diggelmann and Georges Dorival that promotes resorts including Gstaad, Davos, and Chamonix; the range of posters available for … Continued

A visual within a visual, the alienated silhouettes that photographer BAKi orchestrates produces optical illusions which put a pause on the dancers’ extensive bodily movements. Instead of using blurs and fabrics to express dance, his photographs reenact the aesthetics of the action with dynamic precision, pulling out a different sense of essence from the art … Continued

Gambette Whilst the world has gone from staring at a screen to indulging in the world of virtual reality; there is a form of simple interactiveness that we have forgotten about – puzzle solving. This is especially interesting when the concept is related to art.  Anne-Claire Gambet, also known as Gambette, is a French illustrator … Continued

Freespace happening returns to the West Kowloon Culture District again this year, presenting music, creation and other innovations on the 14th of January, 2018. Themed ‘Create’, the event will be presenting Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers, Jazz by Tjoe and Shandy Gan, and electronic sounds by Hahn Rowe, Soni Cheung, Jonathan Yang and Narbi … Continued

The 17th Macao City Fringe Festival Another city-infiltrated arts event is happening just around the corner, in the city just a ferry-ride away from us. Similar to the The 7th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture in Shenzhen which we have previously covered here, the upcoming 17th Macao City Fringe Festival features 23 events and 10 … Continued

When photography had first emerged, it was praised for its practicality; its ability to convey reality. Without the need to further explain, however, the medium was turned upside down by photographers such as Cindy Sherman, Gregory Crewdson, and Thomas Demand. Instead of presenting to viewers what is in plain sight; these artists ventured out to … Continued

I am super against full-body scanners at the airport. I’d rather be pat down than to go through these machines, not only because the effect caused by the Extremely High Frequencies are still unsure, but because I feel that my body is being violated from these so-called security measures. The shape of my breasts, my … Continued