Kensington Blues Stories of different people have proven to be the most interesting and truthful reflection of the society that we live in. As we comfortably snuggle under our sheets, beneath our, perhaps, small yet safe roof; there are people in the world struggling still under the financial collapse during 2008. The city of Kensington, … Continued

Life used to be much simpler, as we set ourselves precise goals which we hope to achieve. May it be to win an award, to start a family, or to happily reach death; it allowed us to explore the different creative methods that we can uptake as we already knew the “answer to the question of … Continued

Whenever I am riding in the backseat of my boyfriend’s motorcycle as we roam through the city’s highway, which is located extremely close to old Hong Kong apartments, I catch glimpses of different happenings behind the screen like windows. At times, a dining table is situated right in the middle, and I can see people … Continued

Rebecca Szeto Oh the lovely days of going to my art history classes! I remember I was one of the very few students who actually enjoyed the class, most of the other classmates were either stressed out or they just wanted to be back in their working studio. I always see art history as a … Continued

We already know where some reader’s mind would go when they see the title of this article – “Are you promoting for animal cruelty?” We understand that a lot of people are against the idea of manufacturing with cow leather, and we are just as deeply mesmerized as you may be with different vegan movements, … Continued

The mundane use to be defined as the dullness and monotonous of the everyday life. Lately, however, the term has become an inspiration for designs, artworks, and local culture. I see this as a pleasant ripple that the digital world has brought upon, as more and more of us are seeing past the convenience of … Continued

The STUVVZ team proudly presents our newest media collaboration with The HULA Limited, an online style innovator based in Hong Kong. The following article and images are courtesy to The HULA Limited at  Yenn Wong is devoted to bringing us some of the best mouth-watering dining experiences in town, from Chachawan, 22 Ships, Aberdeen Street Social, Rhoda, to the 2 Michelin … Continued

Draw on Wall As Hong Kongers become more accepting of wall art and graffiti art, different creatives are seen to be pushing for more public art opportunities, namely the public seating in QRE and wall murals by HKWalls which we have previously covered. This following relatively new local organization is also striving for the same … Continued We group our photos with hashtags, organize our findings under specific Pinterest boards, and save our files under particular formats to maximize its quality. It is, therefore, quite backward to see that we still organize our websites majorly under .com. Especially for artists, who often express and display their works in the digital world, … Continued