a couple of things

The strongest couple relationship is, perhaps, when both people are interested in the same thing yet have something completely different to offer to the table. This allows for harmony and fosters dynamic signs of progress, which pushes forth individualistic styles while strengthens the communication between the two.

Sounds like a dream come true? Then artist couple Beate Klockmann and Philip Sajet must be living the dream.

Fascinated by the same subject of contemporary jewellery, the German and Dutch artists met in 2000 and began working together. As they fell in love with each other as well as the designs that each other made, they depict the same inspirations with a very different light. “In the necklace set ‘Landscape and Mountains’, they both are depicting nature through the colour and texture of their chosen materials. Beate expresses the visual of mountains with sparse vegetation, whereas Philip has made 4 trees with fruits in the foliage, 4 clouds and a small sun. Beate’s sensual approach versus Philip’s playfulness on the subject has given the audience a glimpse of the dynamic energy that flows between this couple. Their own points of view, culminating in a togetherness and balance.”

For the exhibition “A Couple of Things” hosted by Ame Gallery, the couple will be presenting 11 sets of their works made with gold and gemstones. Presenting various textures in response to the couple’s shared ideas of “heritage, travel, music, nature and the elemental universe”, the pairs play in both conflict and compliment, reaching a fine balance between each set of their wearable art.


A Couple of Things
May 30- June 30, 2018
Ame Gallery, 17/F Tin On Shing Commercial Building, 41-43 Graham St, Central, Hong Kong

a couple of things a couple of things