Several years ago, all of our press releases came from galleries based in Hong Kong. At times, we didn’t receive enough content so we approached galleries in Europe for their insight on trends and information on upcoming art shows. Now, we find ourselves receiving more and more information about art happening in greater China.

Like we mentioned before, art in China, alongside everything else, is growing so fast that there is no way we can neglect it. May it be their artists or their large-scale art events, they have proven themselves to be a key player in the global art market, and they are highly engaging with the global community – so it was no surprise to see Artsy announce their China expansion by establishing a WeChat account, @Artsy官方 (@ArtsyOfficial), during Gallery Weekend Beijing last month.

Extending their reach into the mainland on top of its already established relationships with Hong Kong and other parts of Asia; Artsy is launching “exclusive content from Artsy Editorial, the world’s leading art publication, and an Explore feature, which allows users in China and Hong Kong to navigate the local art scene and discover nearby galleries based on their location.”

As a vital step that connects the region with Artsy’s own global network of “collectors, galleries, auction houses, museums, and art fairs”, their ever-growing marketplace not only acts as a platform to connect buyers and sellers who are physically apart but they also provide content which benefits the art market in an art historical context.

Hong Kong galleries that already works with Artsy includes Pearl Lam Galleries, White Cube, Edouard Malingue Gallery and more, and in the upcoming months, Artsy will continue to drive the China’s thriving art scene into dialogue, with content being translated into English so that the rich art platform propser not only amongst the already established locations of New York, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Hong Kong – but also through WeChat in the greater China market.