Having just launched last week, Art Central 2020 is now online!

Brought to life in hands with Artsy, the platform houses a large digital catalog where numerous works represented by countless galleries are displayed. Visitors get to browse through different categories such as medium (painting, works on paper, photography, sculpture, and more) within the fair, which makes the digital journey quite easy to navigate. There is also a related work section on the bottom of each artwork page, allowing visitors to jump between different artists of similar subject matters with just a simple click of the mouse.

My favorite function is “view in room” within the art page, where you get to see the actual size of the work by seeing it hung up within a gallery room setting. Though this digital experience is still far from seeing an art piece up close physically, this platform offers a whole different experience on its own. Above are some of my handpicked works from Art Central this year, with artist 3(Three) and photographer Valentina Loffredo being particularly interesting to me.

Artwork information in the order above: Gallery HZ– Peter Yuill, Dreamcatcher, 2020, Ink and metallic paint on 300gsm cotton rag paper, 120 × 120 cm | Linda Gallery – Nyoman Nuarta, Gelora III, 2017, Copper and Brass, 105 × 335 × 85 cm, Edition of 10 | Sansiao Gallery – Taku Hisamura, PLUS_LACOSTE_ khaki, 2020, Embroidery on Shirt | Maekawa + Takemura – Mamiko Masumura, Wonder, 2019, Kanshitsu (lacquer, linen, styrofoam), wood, 41 × 14 cm | S.A.C. Gallery Bangkok – 3(Three), 412.6g, 2019, Figure, Wood, PVC, Aluminum, 19.7 × 14.8 × 2.4 cm | Zemack Contemporary Art – Dana Zaltzman, Bricks on Pillow, 2019, Oil on Wood, 50 × 80 cm | In The Gallery – Jacob Gils, Lisbon #14, 2019, Archival Pigment Print, 180 × 120 cm, Edition of 5 | Novalis Contemporary Art – Valentina Loffredo, Sunny side up, 2015, Fine art pigment print, 64 × 44 cm