The line between work and life used to be distinct, but now, it has very much been blurred. As the millennials have opted for a different way of working, by indulging oneself in multifaceted expertise under freelance or part-time systems, experiences in living suddenly becomes interlined with work, and work now becomes a sort of … Continued

From the moment I entered the majestic Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, I knew I was in for an exciting and unforgettable night. As a rookie stumbling into the realm of fashion, with Vancouver Fashion Week as my first experience at an official fashion extravaganza, I did not know what to expect. I had thrown … Continued

“Unlock ourselves from repeated patterns/ seek deep within to find what matters/ things you share with other similar souls/ who loves and inspires you and guide you out your sorrows// Ignore the rushing city and listen to your girlfriends/ be joyful and confident and give faith to your sense/ enjoy the unspoken moments and treasure … Continued

William Shakespeare is perhaps the most widely studied wordsmith, who is also strongly connected to the present day image of Valentine’s Day. He was the one who has popularized and solidified the romantic love of Valentine after the time of Chaucer, with his works capturing 16th century Britain and Europe by storm. His literary contributions … Continued

Literature has popularized and romanticized Valentine’s Day, and we all know this from the English classes we had back in high school, as we were required to read and analyze various forms of literature – whether we liked them or not. Yet, perhaps our English teachers did not know that the day was not “made … Continued

As Valentine’s Day rolls around, the catchy but conventional articles about gifts, how to’s, and what to’s start to infiltrate our Facebook feeds, leaving us the option of clicking into it (if you’re taken), or rapidly scrolling by (if you’re single). Sappy cheesiness isn’t all there is to this special day – especially when love … Continued