I have seen enough people dressing in the same way in our current generation. Driven completely by trends, blindly following the looks of KOLs on social media, trying to appear just like one of the Kpop stars on tv… the list can go on. I suppose this phenomenon has been seen in every decade, but oh how much do I miss seeing rebels on the street wearing second-hand Tims and DIY tees.

Fashion to me,as always been a visual language – a way to exemplify one’s personality – and Versus Versace was pretty much established based on this notion, to become the language for the bold and younger generation. Their Pre-Fall 2017 collection, entitled “The language of Versus – the archetypes and identity for a bold global generation” feature items from sleek cashmere blend coats to oversized work shirts, turning girls into sporty tomboys with dynamic silhouettes for the season.

Playing with white-on-black and black-on-white contrasts, their patterns are accompanied by their new Versus denim series, with “pale blue jackets and cropped wideleg jeans for girls, and distressed pale blue jumpsuits for guys”. Not to mention, the casual sportswear trend continues this year, as translated through their jersey tracksuits and the use of zipper as details. Reinforcing a playful tone, they have also included Versus patches, attached with Velcro, as well as metal mesh patches and the Versus safety pin.

“This is about the language of Versus, an identity that is so bold and proud. This is a complete wardrobe for a life lived the Versus way.” said Donatella Versace.