This collection of cheeky design which honors the Obama family has become one of our favorites, not just for its street wear style, but for the little details behind each of the devoted pieces, making the collection more than just apparels, but rather, mini stories and memories of our favorite first family.

From the Whitney Young High School 1981 printed Michelle Tee (because that’s where she graduated from), to the Harvard-style Malia Tee (because that’s where she will be studying at), and the October 3rd, 1992 Chicago, IL printed Obama’s Wedding Tee (because that’s their anniversary); each piece is a clear and intimate homage to the Obama family.

Founded by Joe Freshgoods, he stated that “The night Obama won his first term gave me so much hope, especially & most importantly as a black man. I decided to make a collection saying ‘thank you’ and give me something to smile at every now and then when i look in the closet.”