I have seen enough people dressing in the same way in our current generation. Driven completely by trends, blindly following the looks of KOLs on social media, trying to appear just like one of the Kpop stars on tv… the list can go on. I suppose this phenomenon has been seen in every decade, but … Continued

Having recently opened in Causeway Bay, L CARÈNE is a new select shop that gathers quality ready-to-wear, accessories, stationery and houseware designs under one single roof. This small store which was founded by sisters Carol and Carina was designed by a French designer, who has encompassed the surprise-filled space with an amazing vibe. Carrying 34 … Continued

We received an email one day about a tweed competition that a brand has held. We clicked on the image link and was surprised with a whole gallery of tweed designs. They were very different from what we were expecting. Vibrantly colored yet still resonating with the pattern’s strong association with the English tradition, as … Continued

#ThankUObama This collection of cheeky design which honors the Obama family has become one of our favorites, not just for its street wear style, but for the little details behind each of the devoted pieces, making the collection more than just apparels, but rather, mini stories and memories of our favorite first family. From the … Continued

future classics Last year, kapok debuted their very own collection of wardrobe essentials and it was very successful. This year, they are dropping their second collection which continues their gender-free signature, which, at the same time, further pushes for the idea of refined essentials to both the Hong Kong and Singapore market. This latest utilitarian … Continued

nido The sun shinning through between the hanging curtains, You dancing around, humming sounds, in the living room. The blue garment gently follows through your every step, As I watch with my eyes closed, taking in my morning breath. Handmade with cotton which is 100% hand-knitted, the latest SS17 03 edition collection by nido is … Continued