The STUVVZ team recently talked to Fanny Moizant, Co-Founder of Vestiaire Collective, and her talented team about authenticity in the online shopping culture, the collective’s product curation process, and how to spot real amidst replicas.   i) What does the word ‘authentic’ mean to you and your team? We take authenticity very seriously at Vestiaire Collective, it’s … Continued

Diamonds may have been overrated after decades of marketing, trends, product imaging, and powerful advertisement; but the reason why it remains to be a respected form of luxury, I believe, is because of the exquisite craftsmanship behind. What makes the stone a stunning masterpiece in our contemporary market is from the years of “experience, unique … Continued

Teaming up with local designer boutique Wagamama Playground, Fashionally will be featuring the designs by ten local designer brands at an upcoming pop-up store from the 8th to the 21st of June, 2017. Participating brands include WAGAMAMA PLAYGROUND, YEUNG CHIN (by Yeung Chin), Phenotypsetter (by Jane Ng), Necro Poon (by Necro Poon), DEMO. (by Derek … Continued

I have seen enough people dressing in the same way in our current generation. Driven completely by trends, blindly following the looks of KOLs on social media, trying to appear just like one of the Kpop stars on tv… the list can go on. I suppose this phenomenon has been seen in every decade, but … Continued

Having recently opened in Causeway Bay, L CARÈNE is a new select shop that gathers quality ready-to-wear, accessories, stationery and houseware designs under one single roof. This small store which was founded by sisters Carol and Carina was designed by a French designer, who has encompassed the surprise-filled space with an amazing vibe. Carrying 34 … Continued