The pandemic has not only forced people to change their way of living, but it has also made us realize that no matter how globalized we are, there are cultural differences in the way people come to terms with a pandemic like Covid-19.

While people in Asia leaped to the usage of face masks, people in Europe made their stay-at-home experiences more pleasant by connecting with others through balconies. Some countries responded with immediate country lockdowns, while others delved into changing existing factories into producing hygiene products. In any case, we are all trying to rediscover our daily life, and trying to see the best side of this pandemic.

At the same time, the United Nations have started a global call to creatives, encouraging artwork submissions “to educate, uplift, and inspire people all across the world through the global COVID pandemic crisis.” Browse through some of our selected works above and visit the Unsplash account here to see more.

Featured artworks:

Cover your mouth when you cough. Image created by Mathery (from home!)instagram: | Stay home, stay safe. Using a floor plan, I conveyed the message of ‘stay home’ to encourage people to limit the spread of Covid-19. Image created by Harriet Cann. | Social distancing made simple. Image created by Charlie Bulmer. | Stay home. Image created by Barış Cihan Peşmen. | Follow the rules and don’t panic Hand sanitizers, masks, soaps, detergents, toilet paper… one common mistake is to attack supermarket and buy stuff in bulks, leaving empty shelves by the end of the day- in this moment we need to unify as humans not be selfish, Let’s not panic and let’s follow simple rules. | This piece I drew is to highlight social distancing and self-isolation. I started off by drawing 9 squares, and used these guidlines to draw people inside the square (inside their home) doing hobbies and passing the time like we have all been doing. | Follow Your Prescription. A reminder for everyone during this strange time. Until there’s a vaccine, staying home is the best thing we can do. Image created by Nick van Wagenberg. | To support the educational initiatives on the CODID-19 pandemic that the world has been facing, offering communication material to support campaigns that seek to make the population aware of new habits, such as social detachment and work at home, in addition to physical and mental health care. It seeks to value and popularize the digital experience as a positive way of maintaining close and caring bonds with family members. Image created by Nubefy Design for All. | AVOID TOUCHING EYES, MOUTH AND NOSE! Droplets of coronavirus can land on surfaces that we touch with our hands and we constantly touch our faces without even thinking about it… imagine to have thousands of pins allover your hands… and DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE OR OTHER PEOPLE’S (well, that is always annoying). Image created by Mathery (from home!)instagram:


All works submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives – help stop the spread of COVID-19.