A visual within a visual, the alienated silhouettes that photographer BAKi orchestrates produces optical illusions which put a pause on the dancers’ extensive bodily movements. Instead of using blurs and fabrics to express dance, his photographs reenact the aesthetics of the action with dynamic precision, pulling out a different sense of essence from the art … Continued

I am super against full-body scanners at the airport. I’d rather be pat down than to go through these machines, not only because the effect caused by the Extremely High Frequencies are still unsure, but because I feel that my body is being violated from these so-called security measures. The shape of my breasts, my … Continued

If you have been our reader for some time now, you should remember that we have covered this great photographer before. Happy to say, he has remained to be that interesting fellow we have fallen in love with and continues to impress us with his latest collection of works represented by opiom gallery, France. Living … Continued

His minimalist approach has caught our eye, and knowing that one of our favorite art gallery represents him, we had to look into this artist. Bobby Becker is a young photographer from Tennessee who has studied photography and sculpture at the Belmont University. His “History” series features himself as a set piece, where he places … Continued

Even though a lot of these photographers have never exhibited in France before, their names are definitely not strange to the art world. I stumbled across several of their works recently and I have to admit that I was really happy to see them all being selected in the latest “Walk the Line” show by … Continued

Some people might say that technology has, indeed, influenced the art world, but it can never replicate the stunning visuals and the exquisite craftsmanship as seen in the electronic-free past. I agree that under the power of technological advancement, art has changed a lot; but such progress has also made it harder for artists to … Continued