nick veasey

I am super against full-body scanners at the airport. I’d rather be pat down than to go through these machines, not only because the effect caused by the Extremely High Frequencies are still unsure, but because I feel that my body is being violated from these so-called security measures. The shape of my breasts, my bust, and everything else is completely displayed on the other side of the screen. It feels more like my privacy is being stripped away from me than I am being protected by the government. I am not the only person who feels such violation, and the context of x-rays now extends much further beyond than just the medical field, into the prevalence of surveillance and technology in today’s society.

Photographer Nick Veasey creates x-ray visuals of everyday objects. By using radiographic imaging equipment, he creates images which show fantastic details and reveals layers beyond what the human eye can see. Not only do these images delve into what things are really made of, it taps into the world’s current obsession with images and the concept of “superficiality and artifice”.

nick veasey nick veasey nick veasey nick veasey