Reinventing the Fashion Industry and Protecting the Planet

Wear mushroom-made clothing and be moisturized with an algae jacket?

The third edition of Global Change Award has just announced the results of their latest accelerators and the breakdown of their 1 million euro to the final five innovations, which all strives to contribute to a more sustainable future by transforming the fashion industry.

Selected from 2600 entries from 151 countries which explore the areas of “biomimicry, nanomaterials and robotics to connected supply chains, wearables and bio-based materials”, the selected teams include Crop-A-Porter (Agraloop) from the US, which makes sustainable bio-textiles by using left-overs from food crop harvests, receiving €300,000; Algae Apparel (Algalife) from Israel, which turns algae into bio-fiber and eco-friendly dye that is also good for the skin, receiving €150,000; Smart Stitch (Resortecs) from Belgium, who has created a dissolvable thread that makes repairing and recycling a breeze, receiving €150,000; The Regenerator (Swerea) from Sweden, which recrculates fashion with new textile fiber by separating cotton and polyester blends, receiving €250,000; and Fungi Fashion (MycoTEX) from the Netherlands, which creates custom-made clothes made from decomposable mushroom roots, receiving €150,000.

The winners also get access to a one-year innovation accelerator program provided by the H&M Foundation in collaboration with Accenture and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where they get to visit Stockholm, New York, and Shanghai for networking and exposure.

Reinventing the Fashion Industry and Protecting the Planet Reinventing the Fashion Industry and Protecting the Planet