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Apart from slathering yourself with SPF (seriously, your skin will thank you later) and buying comfortable swimwear, investing in a good beach towel is quite arguably the third most important way to enhance your beach-going experience. Trust us! Leave that frayed Disney towel from 1998 for the shower and try out the newest generation of towels specifically designed for the beach… and beyond.

Vertty (Est. 2014) is one of the freshest innovators in towel design town. The lifestyle brand’s first creations are a collection of beach towels composed of eight differently sized triangles in ton-sur-ton colours.

Dreamed up in Australia and manufactured in Portugal, the unique look of the towel is designed to adapt urban-cool for the beach. Verrty Towels are, as Vertty’s CEO Diogo Cruz puts it, “inspired by the city’s elegant and cosmopolitan origins”.

We have tried and tested the geometric beauty and have found out that the Vertty beach towel is just as practical as it is voguish.

We know we should never judge a book by its cover, but Vertty’s pretty triangular packaging makes us even more eager to try the design (After all, design is where art and practicality collide! Okay, now onto the towel itself…).

First of all, the Vertty beach towel comes with a discreet WATERPROOF POCKET – all capitals because we’re especially excited about this feature! Not having to worry about leaving your smartphone, wallet, sunglasses and other valuables behind when you’re going for a swim is so liberating (ditto for worrying about water damage!). Simply hide your stuff into your towel, close it with the zipper and enjoy yourself in the water.

Secondly, the towel is made of ‘Ketten’, an innovative cotton-polyester blend. To be completely honest with you, dear reader, we had never heard of this blend before… So in case you are as clueless as we were: Ketten is a fabric made of 10% polyester and 90% cotton. The combination of natural and synthetic fibers makes for a soft and ultra-light towel that dries fast. Thanks to the non-absorbent polyester in the towel’s core, only the outer layer of cotton gets wet, which means that you don’t have to carry a wet and heavy towel in your bag after a day on the beach or at the swimming pool. (NB: Or the park! We think that the towel is pretty suitable as a picnic mat, too.)

And last but not least, we have found out that the Vertty beach towel is LARGE. Like, really large. Measuring 73″L  by 43″W (that’s approximately 185 CM by 109 CM), the towel allows even the slightly taller or bigger ones among us to get really comfy in the sand.


Vertty Beach Towel Blue buymedesign


Vertty's pretty packaging

vertty beach towel waterproof pocket

Vertty green blog

Vertty Red Blog

The Vertty Beach Towel is available in nine beautiful colours on and in five colours (Classic Orange, Coral, Jade, Midnight Blue and Savvy), at the ‘In Bed With Designers’ pop-up shop at Naiise in Singapore.

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