The following article is produced by STUVVZ’s collaborative media partner BuyMeDesign, a Hong Kong-based design curator and launching pad for designers. The original article was posted on BuyMeDesign’s blog: www.buymedesign.com/blog.

Great design is born of the meeting between practicality and artistry. As each and every design we curate at buyMeDesign is a love child of these two adverbs, picking only four designs that look fabulous and are extremely practical is quite the challenge. However, we think that the designs as listed below are wonderful examples of how designers are able to put the ‘FUN’ in functional.

Audiowrap © Audiopark - buymedesign

Audiowrap © Audiopark – buymedesign

The Audiowrap is a clever fusion of fashion and tech. Designed with the greatest know-how of audio quality, Audiopark’s earphones isolate you from outside noise, so you can enjoy your favourite songs to the fullest. When you are not listening to music, you can wear the stylish and lightweight earphones as a bracelet or necklace.

'Sammy Screamer' © BleepBleeps - buymedesign

‘Sammy Screamer’ © BleepBleeps – buymedesign

Sammy Screamer by Bleep Bleeps is a smart motion alarm that helps you to monitor your belongings. Simply attach Sammy to the things (your laptop, handbag, the cookie jar, your baby’s stroller…) you want to keep an eye on and switch on the alarm with the Bleep Bleeps App. When Sammy is moved, she will bleep and send a notification to your smartphone.


‘Kangaroo Light’ © Studio Banana Things – buymedesign

The Kangaroo Light is a fun(ctional) gadget made for those who are frequently on-the-go. Designed by Studio Banana THiNGS (the brilliant minds behind the ever-popular Ostrich Pillow), the portable lighting design made of silicone is bendable, foldable and roll-able and equipped with a number of different illumination settings. You can use it as a private reading light, ambient lighting, camping light, personal torch, place mat, night light, bathroom light, bag light… well, you get the gist!

'Diamond Ring Bag' © Homanz - buymedesign

‘Diamond Ring Bag’ © Homanz – buymedesign

Whether you’re looking for a way to glam up your day-to-day look or need a bag to complement your party dress, this diamond-shaped bag by Homanz is an eye-catching, pretty and practical accessory you can take from work to play.

Exclamation Cup Holder © rcube - buymedesign

Exclamation Cup Holder © rcube – buymedesign

This handy cup holder can be clipped on pretty much every table or desk. Its foldable rubber container fits containers of various sizes, including milk bottles, coffee cups, juice boxes and soda cans. In addition, the container can be used as a small snack bowl. Made of stainless steel and available in several vibrant colour options, the Exclamation Cup Holder is a sleek gadget that is sure to enhance your décor.