gambette shop


Whilst the world has gone from staring at a screen to indulging in the world of virtual reality; there is a form of simple interactiveness that we have forgotten about – puzzle solving.

This is especially interesting when the concept is related to art. 

Anne-Claire Gambet, also known as Gambette, is a French illustrator who has just launched her online store last month. Known for her colorful images and depiction of imaginary worlds, she not only creates illustrations but also “mural paintings, photography, graphic design, set design, objects design, ceramics, textile”, and nail designs.

This range of puzzle she has produced is based on her fantastical illustrations and are now available for sale via her online store at the link above. The unique pieces, which stands as a piece of artwork when completed, makes it a great gift for those who are seeking for more than just a static experience of art.

gambette shop gambette shop gambette shop